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  1. Another corker M'lord, Difficult to see anything but a home win, But surely a Reach 30 yard 'worldy' is long overdue, I'm expecting nowt but hoping for three points. UTO.
  2. Hoping for a win,but suspect it will be a dour 1-1. P.S. Welcome to Hillsborough TP, Absolutely the right choice under the circumstances. imho.
  3. It refers to the people who are at the game. EG. Att 31,255.
  4. Love how the Owl has it's head bowed in honour of Quinny,That's pure quality Snoots.
  5. God that is heart breaking to see,Loved old Greavsy.
  6. You could be right,in fact I'm hoping the whole squad is in disarray. 1-0 Windass 37mins.
  7. Well I hope your hat is a Sombrero,We're staying up. Strap yourself in,We're going to surprise you this season.
  8. Why can the players get away with not wearing a face nappy? And if we score do they all offer their elbows in delight?
  9. FF's reaction to that stunner V's PNE says it all.
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