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  1. Never seen anything like it,and probably won't ever happen again,but the players and Manager just seemed uninterested,Bizarre. Dawson's positioning tho
  2. I cant abide this 'lack of confidence' carp.
  3. Didn't seem to be to upset about their goal imho,should have shown a bit more anger.
  4. They will never get away with that again,too bad we had to be the ones to suffer.
  5. First time we have scored 4 in the first half since December 2010 V's Bristol Rovers League One.
  6. How on earth was Ayersome Park selected for the '66 world cup? What a dump. 0-0
  7. No longer topical.but I would have loved to a ask a steward,"Have you seen Abdi"?
  8. Dunno if we could lose the stewards,but let's face it,some get a hi-vis jacket/vest and think they can do whatever they want.
  9. I think a severe reprimand,and a face to face apology to the steward would have sufficed,oh and a donation to a local charity,Two year Ban is a bit OTT.
  10. There was indeed a ram raid on the Falls Road earlier this year with a stolen car,believe it or not it was a Bentley!
  11. Well that's Boredom on an Industrial Scale Flo
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