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  1. The guy has failed us twice,get rid. He seems a decent sort of bloke but that's no reason to think he will get us promoted next season.
  2. Nice positive post m'lord in a sea of doom and fear,good luck to all those making the long journey down. 0-2 UTO
  3. Bit harsh? Anyway,we're going to double our GD today. 0-5 UTO
  4. Life in the third tier again,Ah well,a better recruitment than anyone thought possible I suppose is good news,Come on you OWLS!
  5. I thought I was watching Lance,Landis,Ulrich all in one body,Sorry chaps,that was just too much.
  6. Am I right in saying that Cav is only at the tour because Sam Bennett injured his knee? Not wishing to take anything away from him,but the big name sprinters from the past few years are all on the slide.
  7. Cancelled BLM too. What will the poor footballers do?
  8. 1-0 Wins for us and Cardiff, Then on the 'gargle' for the rest of the weekend. UTO.
  9. Anyone who isn't nervous must have nerves of steel. These must win games have always affected me greatly. Come 12.30 I'll be a wreck no matter how much liquid refreshments I've had.
  10. There is going to be THE Mother of all party's when we stay up. Steel City Derby next season too! UTO
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