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  1. Chris Hughton in for the Bristol City job? Thought he was waiting on a suitable prem job?
  2. In the first pic his left knee resembles a pig🐷
  3. I support Sheffield Wednesday,not BLM and I don't give a schit what Martyn Ware or anyone else thinks.
  4. Aye can you imagine the laughs if him and Leigh Griffiths were on free kick practice?
  5. And replace him with who? We're skint ffs.
  6. Riots? I've not heard owt about any riots,Where's the riots at then?
  7. What,blaming the banner for getting tonked 5-0? Yeah brilliant.
  8. All the best to all the lads released today,chin up and we go again as they say. Hope JOB continues to post on here too.
  9. Why would Lahm do that? He would have gained football immortality at the very least surely? Totally agree with your assesment of Luiz.Him & Stones with Mangala as back up!
  10. Northern Ireland V Scotland Windsor Park 1967,The 'George Best Game',Literally stuck in the North Stand unable to breathe or move and the place reeking of Park Drive and Old Holborn.
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