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  1. belfast owl lad

    Lee johnson

    What's all this beautiful "arse" mularky? I was under the impression objectifying someone for their looks was not PC
  2. belfast owl lad

    Can you name these two?

    Rob played lead guitar,lovely fender strat too.
  3. belfast owl lad

    Some highlights in lieu of Sky version

    0.58 Hector saying to Dawson,"come and catch it ffs"!
  4. belfast owl lad

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    oh alright stevie g!
  5. belfast owl lad

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    We'll do a manure on 'em!
  6. belfast owl lad

    Do you know what ....

    An awful lot of folk on here seem to enjoy a regular "sherman tank"!
  7. belfast owl lad

    Forget promotion

    OK computer.
  8. belfast owl lad

    Gary Hooper injury update

    Get rid,he's had enough time,once injury prone always injury prone.
  9. belfast owl lad


    Jailbirds barnet too.
  10. belfast owl lad

    That is the absolute worst

    Any man with a hair bun needs to have a word with themselves.
  11. belfast owl lad

    The goal

    THAT goal!
  12. belfast owl lad

    Anyone Remember these?

    Roy Coyle was signed from Glentoran,he's now a director there.
  13. belfast owl lad

    Wednesday - V - L**ds United (OMDT thingy)

    2-2 fletch & reach. UTO.