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  1. The amount of people hoping for relegation in this thread sickens me. Just don't understand that mindset.
  2. What's all this 'On the beach' talk? Thought Holidays were off limits 'til 2026
  3. I've seen many pathetic seasons, This one goes way beyond pathetic sadly.
  4. After the win against Cardiff I'm hoping for another Welsh pasting just to annoy Drakeford.
  5. Nothing but a cowardly thug, Should have been dismissed immediately from the force. I hope and pray the boys family sue him for all he's worth.
  6. I'm still hopeful of a 'Steel city Derby' next season. Believe!
  7. Immense performance, I'm struggling to think of a better one by a Wednesday player. 10/10.
  8. I hope you popped that yellow duster in the washing machine before you retired for the night!
  9. Well I loved every minute of it, Deserves a glass or two of Champagne tonight, Pity I don't have any. Prosecco will do tho
  10. Yep, that would appear to be the end for us, Going to pour myself a large one and get all sad.
  11. You forgot 'First touch of a rapist'
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