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  1. belfast owl lad

    Last nights clash of kit

  2. belfast owl lad

    Positivity on a night of moaning

    How many fans travelled? They were all positives too.
  3. belfast owl lad

    What the f*ck was that?

    At least we can keep a clean sheet,or three!
  4. What action(if any) was taken against Bennett?
  5. Michele de piedi anyone?
  6. belfast owl lad

    What the f**k is happening here

    Can't call a club who can bring 40k to Wembley tinpot.
  7. belfast owl lad


    Yeah,football fans having a laugh when the opposition miss a sitter, Shouldn't be allowed.
  8. belfast owl lad


  9. belfast owl lad

    BBC bias

    I'll have you know that the "random bird" is an FA cup winner.
  10. belfast owl lad

    Wednesday fans at Chelsea

    They each gave their all,just totally outclassed,and theres no shame in that.
  11. belfast owl lad

    Mark Lawrenson still hates us

    What about a 2-1 win? Ladbrokes are giving 25/1! Worth a fiver.
  12. belfast owl lad

    Pre match drinks

    No 'Spoons in chelsea then? If i were still in London i'd sup'n'dine in The Northcotte in Battersea,then get an Uber to the ground. Hope you all enjoy the day,and safe home.
  13. belfast owl lad

    Chelsea Presser

    Must go to the same gym as me,,,,,,,
  14. belfast owl lad

    Great Picture

    Sprigett,Smith,Megson,Eucstace,Ellis,Young,Fantham,Mccalliog,Ford,Pugh,and Quinn,don't know anyone else in the pic.
  15. belfast owl lad


    Last minute winner at the Bridge?