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  1. All those foreign players at #SWFC...

    incredible stat!
  2. Blast from the past - Gerry Young

    forgot about the hat-trick,unfortunately i'll never forget "that one"
  3. Forget big mick

    his time in charge at wolves is up there with zola at brum.
  4. Forget big mick

    based on what? he had his chance and blew it.
  5. Our New Badge

    i like his welly boots
  6. A disagreeable incident

    what about mickey flanagan,chas 'n dave,and the pearly kings & queens?
  7. Remember this Sheffield Wednesday star?

    you're right torry,i think on reflection "decent" didn't do wilf justice,my bad.
  8. Remember this Sheffield Wednesday star?

    was a decent full back,he was born in germany and was originally called scmitd.(sp?)
  9. Pubs for QPR

    must be 7 or 8 miles away! too far to travel in london.
  10. Pubs for QPR

    the goldhawk used to be decent,,,,,,many moons ago.
  11. Shirt sale

    buying nowt until it's our iconic owl on stripes.
  12. If Only.............

    only marginally behind loovens in the crock department.
  13. Almen Abdi

    ask SCRAM.
  14. Almen Abdi

    he's the guy who prompted the saying,"stealing a wage".