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  1. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Great win,great goals,just makes our results early season all the more bizarre.
  2. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Carlos out,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Just Got Back

    If you had used the word "guys" nobody would have been offended.
  4. Lest we forget

    Why do some folk get their keks in a twist because other folk choose not to wear one?
  5. Brancott estate followed by bombay sapphire and Schweppes, I have all the correct measures but I'm pouring with my shakey hand tonight as a token of my disgust.
  6. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    wish i had a pound coin for every time i've felt this way.
  7. from 1961 when i found a ciggie card of derek wilkinson,hooked ever since,so 56 years,,,,,,,,and counting!

    where exactly are you getting this positivity from?
  9. Promotion

    lads,forget it,take the blue tinted shades off,we are a total mess on AND off the pitch,there is a dark cloud hanging over hillsborough and it wont lift until the current coaching staff have been sacked,the lot of 'em.
  10. Derby County vs Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

    "discarded parachute'
  11. the club missed a trick here,anyone who can prove to be a clapper gets them for 20 quid.
  12. Just a rumour...

    thai restaurant,tuna.
  13. our luck will change when CC gets sacked/resigns,make it happen DC.
  14. Matt Penney : goals

    has someone told him it's not cool to celebrate a goal? or maybe he thinks he's berahino?
  15. Van Aken

    he's the best of the 200. btw,i rate him highly.