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  1. s6 owl

    Hammoud, Borukov, Lonchar

    Charles Hagan recently picked up from Chelsea also looks like a cracking find.
  2. s6 owl

    CC on Talksport after 10

    He achieved f**k all so how can he classed as successful?
  3. s6 owl

    Team at Forest

    I think this is a very good shout but i think he may stick with Palmer at RB for now.
  4. s6 owl

    Well this is awkward

    I know Bannan's free kick was good but chuffing eck
  5. s6 owl

    U23's away at Leeds today

    Totally agree and Westwood wouldn't have made that mistake for the Leeds goal
  6. s6 owl

    Bannan corner turned?

    He can still be guilty of that from time to time alas the Ipswich goal recently.
  7. We need to sort a new contract for Penney ASAP no doubt clubs will already be circling.
  8. s6 owl

    Team at Forest

    Why would you rotate our best defender who is one of the main reasons why we have got 10 points out of 12
  9. s6 owl

    Team at Forest

    Lees should be dropped before Thorniley
  10. Its obvious SC has a pretty big ego which is a bit weird as he's achieved nothing and only played a handful of games at a decent level #seanflair.
  11. s6 owl

    Benik Afobe

    He did the same when he played for Wolves a couple of year ago when he put them 0-1 up... We ended up battering them 4-1.
  12. s6 owl

    Rowetts right.

    One in a million is wee Baz and not just because he's a brilliant footballer but also his attitude is up with best i've ever seen.
  13. s6 owl

    Ryan Woods

    less than a million from Shrewsbury
  14. Outstanding footballer and it's such a shame we didn't sign him when we had the chance to, we went with Abdi instead
  15. s6 owl

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    its not hard to figure is it? He's nearly 32 and has been an absolute disaster at this football club plus Jos has been bleeding Hunt, Kirby, Lee and Preston into the team. He'll be gone at the end of the season.