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  1. s6 owl

    Can you justify?

    Yes definitely.
  2. Correction before the grammar police come and arrest me
  3. DC if a good offer comes in for ANY of our players then don't be afraid to sell them no one with a brain would hold it against you if that's what you choose to do, we have the right man in Steve Bruce and we will come back stronger with a fresh approach.
  4. s6 owl

    Tom Lees

    I can’t remember anyone saying that.
  5. Luton have had 10 corners already that's more than we have in an entire season
  6. s6 owl

    Team news

  7. Nuhiu up front instead of Winnall again
  8. A tight ground and their fans and players will be well up for it... Nailed on loss for us as our pathetic players are never up for a battle in these sort of games.
  9. Well it has always been his dream to manage them.
  10. It looks like Huddersfield fans have forced David Wagner into resigning and some people think our fans are self entitled and fickle...
  11. s6 owl


    Do you think Adam Reach is irreplaceable?
  12. s6 owl


    Not if we attack the byline and pull it back... Oh in fact forget that idea we aren't capable of doing something as basic as that.