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  1. s6 owl

    That 'Penalty'

    It was against Leeds early on in the game.
  2. s6 owl


    He had what 99% of other refs in the football league don't have, common sense.
  3. So i guess the leaked team news in the line up thread is accurate?
  4. s6 owl

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    We could lose 5-0 tomorrow and i would still be hugely confident that he wouldn't get the boot, i don't understand why people are thinking this match is do or die for him
  5. He was truly world class that season.
  6. Jos will still be here in four months time when were sat bottom of the table on a minus 249 goal difference.
  7. s6 owl

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    This team struggles to do the basics and like i say Jos isn't helping himself but my god some of senior professionals who have represented us over the last 2 years should be ashamed of themselves an embarrassment to themselves and the club .
  8. s6 owl

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    Maybe just maybe we have a group of very poor players with the heart and courage of a mouse. Jos is doing himself no favours what so ever but the players have got away with an awful lot over the last 2 years, Managers like MM and GM would expose them for what they are.
  9. s6 owl


    Exactly. I would love to have a manager that other fans hate just because he's a nasty c**t who would do anything to get his team the best result. We desperately need it.
  10. s6 owl


    Sadly this is likely to be the case.
  11. s6 owl

    Chansiri kicking off

    I've just seen this on social media...
  12. s6 owl

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    Dan Wallis is closer to the first team than KW infact the keeper from the u12's probably is too.