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  1. After 4 seasons of failure its time for this group to move on, we have 3 or 4 that I would keep the rest can all go for me.
  2. Even if we do get into the play offs I doubt anything good would come of it, I mean could you imagine our players out on the pitch at Hillsborough or Wembley in front of 40 thousand expectant fans? how on earth would they cope...
  3. 90% of this squad should not be playing for a club like us they just cannot handle it, time and time again when it really matters they find a way to let us down... every player apart from maybe 2 or 3 should be placed on the transfer list and told to find new homes at clubs where expectations aren't so high.
  4. Sadly its just all so predictable, these players just don't have it in them to go out and perform consistently. Jokers the lot of them.
  5. It goes further back than just this season he was poor under Bruce too.
  6. What even is the point in him being on the pitch? Please somebody tell me.
  7. 100% and it's been the case for years.
  8. This is as good as it will get with this squad.
  9. Group of bottle jobs I've said it a million times before but we'll never ever do anything while ever we have this squad of players.
  10. Free kick at the edge of the box for Blackburn
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