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  1. No good feeling sorry for themselves they have been utterly horrendous all season. Good riddance to them all.
  2. This is terrible news your health is your wealth so rest up Darren take your time and lets have you fit and ready for next seasons promotion charge!
  3. How can a group of players that struggle to do the basics be classed as a talented team? They are god awful in every aspect and that is the truth.
  4. It doesn't matter what level they play at a goalkeeper has to be able to make saves otherwise what is the point, how him and Dawson have made it professional ahead of 1000s of others is anybody's guess and unfortunately we'll be stuck with them for years.
  5. He really didn't he was fit yes but there were other players that made a bigger impact than him. Nuhiu, Joao and Venancio to name 3
  6. No he didn't but Atdhe Nuhiu and Lucas Joao did.
  7. We didn't replace him so yes with hindsight we should have kept him.
  8. Get the ball in the box and he will score goals it's just a shame it's took 4 years and for us to be all but relegated to realise it.
  9. Can't be any worse than us we have no strengths as a team literally none.
  10. Please don't tell me people actually expected him to comin in and turn this lot around?
  11. School boy defending from Palmer diving in when he should have just stayed on his feet, basic stuff!
  12. His past reputation alone will get him another Championship club.
  13. Either way the results would be s**t its a no win situation with this lot.
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