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  1. It is a rule that is used inconsistantly.
  2. Tottenhams goal against West Ham the other day came via a deflection of a spurs players arm and yet that goal was allowed to stand. What is the difference?
  3. If he's so good at crossing then why does he never take set peices? Never known anything like it.
  4. Most succesful teams know how to play the officials but unfortunately our lot won't do it.
  5. Reach picking up where left off pre lockdown.
  6. Its called having brains our players could learn alot from them.
  7. Our play in the final third is Sunday league standard.
  8. Knew we were finished as soon as i saw that defence.
  9. The West Brom players piling into the referee got them that penalty all our players just turned their backs and didn't contest it, so frustrating.
  10. "I can't say I've missed out really because every time I've not played or been involved in it, it hasn't been great and nobody wants to be around a football team like that really" That's nice to know pal.
  11. I think the dingles will stay up playing behind closed doors suits there young team.
  12. Luongo is the type of midfielder we have been needing for years I don’t think many wednesdayites were disappointed to see him sign he just needs to stay fit.
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