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  1. s6 owl

    Team vs Lincoln

    If we are under an embargo then so be it what else can we do? though I would love a bit of clarity.
  2. s6 owl

    Team vs Lincoln

    Good Jones is an honest professional but isn't good enough and should never have been bought in the first place while Abdi has been a total disaster.
  3. Former Sheffield Wednesday owner Milan Mandaric has made on offer to take over at Aston Villa - Birmingham Mail.
  4. s6 owl

    Liam Palmer

    If we give c**p like Liam Palmer a new deal then we deserve an embargo, woeful
  5. Wouldn't wee wee on them c***s if they were on fire, I'll be very disappointed in DC if he sells to them scrubbers.
  6. After a couple of departures and a bit of cash brought in surely now is the chance to get some of our better players tied up on new contracts, Joao and Bannan in particular.
  7. Nixon reckons Norwich are paying his wages in full
  8. He'll bag 25 then do his ligaments on the final day so we can't flog him. We just know its going to happen don't we.
  9. Alan Nixon‏ @reluctantnicko Following Following @reluctantnicko More Alan Nixon Retweeted Kirk Hunter Might need another gone Alan Nixon added, Kirk Hunter @kirk_SWFC Replying to @reluctantnicko Will it allow us to bring anyone in Al ?? Purse strings seem to be a tad tight at Hillsborough 11:32 PM - 9 Jul 2018
  10. It wouldn’t surprise me if we ask Loovens to come back we did the same with Semedo last season. Would be typical.
  11. Venancio has signed for that Portoguese club for next to nowt. Well played Wednesday.
  12. When we signed Hooper on loan they wouldn't sanction the deal until we agreed to pay his wages in full so we are totally within our rights to do the same with Rhodes even more so now they have earned £30m+ from the sale of two players.