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  1. The mentality of the squad has been questionable ever since Carlos' first season so i'm glad GM is looking to address it, we have too many nice lads and not enough nasty blokes with a win at all costs attitude.
  2. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Hutch Luongo Murphy Lee Harris Fletcher
  3. Bullen is staying as we'll need him for when Monk leaves.
  4. In other news Neil Harris is the new odds on favourite for the Huddersfield gig.
  5. From the Cowley brothers to Garry Monk. What a joke.
  6. I lumped on Bullen at 5/1 earlier and now he has drifted out to 8/1. FFS.
  7. It's going to be another long, boring and underperforming season isn't it? I can already tell.
  8. Bullen at 7/1 looks like a missed opportunity to lump on...
  9. He's on now and has repeated what he said the other night.
  10. Jim White said on TalkSport earlier that he's been told that the Cowley brothers are coming to us but nothing will be confirmed today or tomorrow.
  11. Worksop Town's manager he's been on Biggs' show before.
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