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  1. Isn't that the game where Harry Kane scored against us?
  2. Fair play to the mad chuffers making the trip down.
  3. Nuhiu and Joao were the ones who stepped up the most during that time we would have been f**ked without them.
  4. Another who is massively overrated when in reality he's average at best.
  5. We'll sign Lee Gregory because he's the one that nobody wants
  6. Talk of Benteke going back to Villa for a decent amount of money and if that happens i can't see them letting Wickham out, he should have been signed as soon as we knew Fletcher was going to be out for a while but typically it hasn't happened.
  7. Tbf i have seen Hillsborough and Wembley rocking and yet it's still served as no motivtion to quite a few of these players.
  8. It's a contact sport fella well just about anyway but unfortunately for us the referee saw it as an opportunity to make himself centre of attention and dished out the red card.
  9. The only thing that is consistant about us at the minute is how drab Hillsborough is on match days. We have lost our soul and its been like that for a while even the Huddersfield game in the play offs it was such a weird atmsophere and it's gotten worse and worse and worse ever since.
  10. Not negative it's just the truth they are an average team they fully deserved the win today but still...
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