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  1. Sam Winnall

    People saying he isn’t worth such and such and we won’t get such and such. What player is worth their transfer fee nowadays? We shouldn’t be getting mugged off.
  2. Adam Reach

    Some of our finest team goals over that last two seasons have come from BB linking the play in the final third but unfortunately we had a manager who thought he was best playing as a defensive midfielder.
  3. Adam Reach

    Hooper, FF, KL and BB are all better suited to the Number 10 role.
  4. Adam Reach

    I agree Bannan has a poor conversion rate but so has Reach. In terms of quality Bannan is miles ahead of Reach
  5. Adam Reach

    Bannan is a much better player as are Lee and Hutch
  6. Adam Reach

    Compared to BB he is poor.
  7. The Run-In (8 Games to Go)

    We can get 6 points in the next two games. Especially with FF, Hutch and Bannan back in the fold.
  8. Good to see the officials are fooooking us over again
  9. It’s his Instagram account and 100% genuine
  10. A bloke who is terrified of getting hurt by the ball shouldn’t be captain of this club.
  11. Reach doing the basics and stop crosses coming in our box in injury time would help massively.
  12. Adam Reach

    I clearly do though. I’m just not easily pleased like you.
  13. Who will be SWFC manager next season?

    Paul Hurst - ticks every box for me.