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  1. Either way the results would be s**t its a no win situation with this lot.
  2. You can't implement any style of play with this squad they don't have ability nor brains to play any kind of succesful system only an idiot would judge DM base on this season.
  3. His job doesn't start until the summer.
  4. Depends on the players and squad, strong minded players tend to thrive off it while weak minded players tend to freeze in the midst of it.
  5. I honestly don't think Bannan will leave if/when we get relegated.
  6. I am more confident about the Reading game than i were about the Luton and Rotherham games.
  7. Why? because i said that the football on the pitch should do the talking?
  8. The football should do the talking and tbh the football on the pitch tells me that they don't care.
  9. He would have been better saying nothing because we all know it won't be put right on Saturday.
  10. He was ok but i wonder how he gets on against players than aren't terrified of breaking a finger nail and i don't think Boro fans rate him very highly.
  11. Most midfielders look better than ours to be fair very rarely do we ever win the midfield battle.
  12. You would have to be an idiot to blame Darren Moore for our inevitable relegation he should be backed with the bigger picture in mind and the wheels should already be in motion for a massive summer rebuild but you just never know with DC.
  13. Yes i did here him say that and i also often heard him say we would get a response the next game just for us to then go and do the same thing. Woeful manager, woeful team.
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