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  1. Our forward players are absolutely crap probably the worst in the league so as it stands our chance of survival is to s**thouse our way to safety and it doesn't matter who our manager is good football at Hillsborough is a long long way away.
  2. Apart from Palmer nearly decapitating about four of our players.
  3. Should imagine there are a few knocking about who are better than the current lot it shouldn't be too hard to find short term upgrades.
  4. Worst squad i have ever seen watching Wednesday. Quality, Mentality, Attitude, Brains you name it we haven't got it.
  5. Attitude is definitely a problem and has been for years.
  6. Easy red card anybody think differently is wrong I'm still raging about it, bottle job.
  7. The likes of Bannan and Reach won't last long under Pulis and rightly so.
  8. How have you only just realised that our players are crap?
  9. Can't be having players like Reach and Windass in the situation we are in they are more bothered about their hair cuts than they are about actually winning a game of football.
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