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  1. We arrive at 9.30 it better be open!

    Looks like being a different venue, at least pre match, as they seem to be sicking to the 11am opening, must be a good business if they can afford to turn down a few hundred thirsty Yorkshire folk. 

  2. Did Wednesday fans not get the £1 Kids price Tickets? Always think it is wrong when they do not offer special ticket offer prices to both sets of fans.

    Seems a bit harsh refusing entry to people who have already paid but dont have there kid with them.

    Im Sure one of those in our party mentioned the ticket she got for her kid was cheap,, but not sure if they were as cheap as a  quid

  3. Alright lads?

    Not been on here for a while. How's it going?

    nice to see you've settled in the championship as soon as you got rid of dave moans.

    Which brings me on to the fact that, by Christ, I would take him back at the moment.

    Our owner has made my cardiff city a laughing stock.changed the club's colours and badge, Sacked Malky Mackay and installed this clown as manager.

    On Solskjaers appointment , our chairman was quoted as saying "I feel like the cat that got the cream".

    Why do these idiots take over football clubs?

    Someone's got to get rid of Solskjaer , who has no tactical nous whatsoever, he still doesn't know which is our best starting 11. Who the Fack starts Don Cowie instead of craig Bellamy. And that wilfried zaha can sod off back to man yoo the lazy little poo .

    The premier league is not all its cracked up to be, it'll be nice to win a few games again.

    Can't wait to play you lot next season. Cm on.

    Never had a problem with Cardiff City, But along with many others i think the reason we sadly want you to fail is it means that idiot Tan looks exactly what he is, CLUELESS.

  4.  .

    everyone knew prendo in mexboro the pubs there were his favourite watering holes.he never played the the big iám card and would always be happy to talk about what was going on at the club if you said you was going to the away game on Saturday he´d always fix you up with complementary´s if he could .the club did him no favours with his injuries pumping him full of cortison he was crippled by his mid 30s .the club should have given him a free transfer so he could have pocketed the 14k fee they got of Barnsley as they must have known his days were numbered .....he may not have been the greatest player the club as had but no one could have given the club more effort and commitment than him .

    Last time i spoke to him was when he was in the Sportsman Mexborough with Bri Turton not long before he passed, he truly was a nice guy, one of the lads, who was amazed that people could still recall in detail some of the games he played in, and goals he scored in.


    Played many if not the majority of games with Pain killing injections, when really he should not have, but you could never tell, always gave 100%, and i know for a fact the lack of recognition he got from the club when attending games after his career ended was nothing less than disgusting, but Spike would have not a word said against the club. Top Bloke, Top Owl.

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  5. Went in the away Pub Station Hotel (Riverside) before and after the game last season, and had a good crack with Fellow Owls, Seems that the Pub was unaware of the Early KO time this Saturday, and had intended opening at their normal Time of 111.00 am. The lady i spoke to on the phone said they had had quite a few enquiries from Owls asking about the opening time and were yet undecided.

    So maybe a few more enquiries will swing it, and make it easier for those arriving by Train and other wanting a pub close to the ground to get a Beer.

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