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  1. Was the main reason second half that the ball was not held up and repeatedly put under pressure.
  2. As you say , it’s all about opinions. the split in opinions isn’t as equal as you say but don’t let the truth get in the way of your smart arse comments.
  3. Your the captain comedy mate. peddling this rubbish about Dawson
  4. Thank fukk your not the manager then
  5. Nobody should have a go at you for having a pop at fans you obviously know best. Dawson should start? you obviously don’t know as much as you make out. start Dawson = no promotion
  6. The abuse he got was deserved. 1 season in a good side at Exeter dosnt mean anything apart from the fact he is a div 2 goalie at the best
  7. The scary thing is that your actually serious. Lets hope for all our sakes that Stockdale gets the nod.
  8. Anyone however pessimistic, has got to view this as a glass half full. The only trouble is that we are in danger of supporting a club which appears now to be run like a proper football club.
  9. Just who would pick England game instead of the Owls.?
  10. Obviously waiting to get best deal wherever. no mystery here
  11. apparently he stirred a lot of the brown stuff. never liked him since then
  12. If he has tried his best then that’s ok then. No wonder we’v been in the poo with attitudes like this.
  13. Give it a test. This canny love in is crazy and dangerous
  14. They won't be missed. Just shows you where bad advice can get you
  15. its great news ,but loyalty? If he is good enough he WILL get game time. This idea that you shoehorn someone into the side because they have been loyal is one of the many reasons why we are where we are. As I said, great to keep him here.
  16. Dawson had a good defence in front of him down there and facing 4th tier strikers. wonderful
  17. Worry is we give him away for nowt.? Lets all chip in to make sure he isn’t here next year
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