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  1. My mate says that if the cardboard cutouts gives him his season ticket money, it can go every week
  2. Maybe 2 wins will be enough. Not taking into account pending points reduction
  3. It was hard enough for my crew to leave the Niagra for a game when we could go. Don't even want to thin k about it at the min
  4. paying top season ticket prices to watch football on I player and also so DC can give it to complete tosserrs like Pelupssy
  5. Why keep someone who is worse than useless. Wow we really do mean business don't we
  6. How can we be excited after the season we have had. The players are not fit to wear the shirt. Until we get in players who will sweat blood for the cause I'm not interested Under Brian Laws,we weren't all that talented but boy did they give it their all. At that time at least we were all in it together.
  7. It went wrong with all the shitt advice he got from his agent and his dad who before this I thought was a legend No sympathy what so ever
  8. We,r certainly not reading the forum for the garbage you write
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