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  1. Its not out of anyones arsse that the defence do not trust Dawson. Thought he was going to be a good GK but it aint gonna happen. The stupid German ruined him. His positioning for their equaliser was appalling.
  2. hope that includes yesterday as one example
  3. And ill bet Bullen doesn't even know
  4. Has now completely evaporated and Bullen hasn't a clue how to make things forward forward. He has proved before ,when in charge he is not up to the job. Bullen used the Bruce bounce to grind out a decent start. The team yesterday were running round like headless chickens.No system, no idea what they were supposed to be doing.. Get Rowett in NOW,clear the decks on the coaching side including Bullen.They are all are too comfortable. Thought DC had learned the lessons.Please don't prove me wrong.
  5. After bigging up QPR,Bullen will play with 1 up front and give them the utmost respect their team of superstars deserve
  6. Great idea. Play catchup again . Why didn't I think of that
  7. give ya head a wobble if you can take out of the sand for long enough.
  8. Bully doesn't want to upset them. He says no one gets thrown under the bus....after subbing the guy straight after the 2nd penalty.
  9. Mr nice guy. Wants to please everyone and just said in post match interview he is a wee disappointed. Well I'm disappointed full stop. He is not motivating the players now after just 5 games. Come on Chansiri.get a proper manager before its too late.
  10. Palmer or Fox? Can we have lazaar back? just listening to Bullen presso. He making Preston out to be world beaters. It was Millwall last week.
  11. Had to laugh looking at what Bielsa was wearing . Looked like an inmates 2 piece overall from the local phyciatric ward
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