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  1. Does he care? Does any of them care? Do I care? The answer to all 3 at the minute is a big fat no Playing your devils advocate card at the moment is not the thing to do.
  2. people are relived he may for once have done. the right thing give it a rest.....please
  3. why couldn't he have changed direction 12 games ago
  4. That’s exactly what the buffoon thought. Well we all know now where it’s all going to end NT,s honeymoon is over and he was only installed as someone to throw under the bus as and when.
  5. In the dark seventies we were shitt and we knew it. What we also knew was that this was our club for good or for bad I don’t recognise the club now or identify with it for the first time in my life in the Allen days it wasn’t good by any means but it was still run like a professional outfit I would have Allen back any day at the side of this complete waste of space. ps, where’s my money you Thai shyster He has still got that and this seasons ST money but he is not getting a Penny more
  6. With 10 outfield lazy, uninterested set of tosssers and a second rate goalkeeper, what do you expect.
  7. One missed payment from the shyster to the guy down south and bingo.....no ground I feel like a man who is dying from a thousand cuts begging to die quick
  8. These players are a disgrace with little skill DC is a shyster The club is rotten from top to bottom
  9. The players can say all they like but the reality is they are a set of lazy lobbers with little skill. DC is letting Rome burn. I was always led to believe that the Thai nation was all for respect and honesty. DC has none of these qualities
  10. DC or his son does Thats the laughing stock we have become
  11. How many people want to go back? after a lifetime,im not sure I want to. Lock the gate ,take your Elephants with you and fukk off back to wherever you live mr tuna man Gets tin hat
  12. Dc can say and promise whatever he likes but I will never believe another word he says. no refunds forthcoming yet and 650£ s/t for this season still up in the air. if we go down, it will be the most expensive s/t in the history of the 3rd tier
  13. Totally agree. All it says is that players rnt as fit as they should and could be.
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