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  1. no one is speculating any more than you are. The man is leaving us at the 1st chance 3 weeks from the new season. He is a Judas alright.
  2. Be great to see Bullen back in charge.......cough
  3. sorry , iv tried to forget him but he is one of the half dozen stark reminders of the crap we have wasted money on over the last couple of years
  4. Best centre forward to play for our club since Hirsty. Good luck Hooperman wherever you go.
  5. Love both of them to bits as players but we are not a charity. Both would have to be on short pay as you play contracts. We can't afford to be paying people however good they are or the fact they are popular with the fans. How on earth can Lee have proved is fitness after 1 game.
  6. tremendous game tonight after he came on. His hold up play and link play are the best at the club.
  7. Give your head a wobble. they have an ordinary game,good by their standards and we get this drivel.
  8. Fox is getting onto the pitch because Bruce’s options are limited to say the least. When we have the clear out I think Bruce will make sure he’s on that list. Dont know how people can defend him to be honest.
  9. Good goal and put himself about but can’t hold up the ball. as soon as fletcher went off, the ball just started coming straight back at us. and with the invisible man(pelepessy) they just pinned us b@ck for the later period of the game.
  10. either that or the pay packet he's been stealing for the last 2 years
  11. The best sign for us is the fact that stats wise we starting to dominate games. CC and JL set up our team to concede possession.. IE. last night we had 56% possession Refreshing init.
  12. His legs have gone I'm afraid. When he was at Peterborough, him and Micale smith used to rip us a new arsse. Not that player now.
  13. Fox is still a huge liability At his best he is still Div 1 standard. He fails to stop crosses coming in and is always one of the favourites to give away silly penalty’s or free kicks around the danger areas. Gotta be a less than favourable Palmer.
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