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  1. Agree. how can anyone say it’s good value when he already has a seasons worth of money off us. Plus the 5 games he owes us a big no from me
  2. Do what he wants not be buying another ticket on his broken promises. Until I get paid back. Dont trust him as far as I can spit
  3. This moron has no honour. Ironic cos this honour business is supposed to be their thing. Unless he thinks we are all thick two hats. Pay me what you owe me and mine. Not another penny off me before this happens,if ever.
  4. If he tries to sell season tickets on the promise of refunding the present st that’s owed on afterwards, he won’t sell 5000.
  5. Buy a couple of half decent five a side players .
  6. Tell me which planet your currently residing on and I will come and share whatever your smoking.
  7. Same here. I will keep and cherish a lifetimes memories but that will be it for me.
  8. I preferred Dave Allen to this joker Reaches for tin hat and doesn’t give a fukk whatever anyone else thinks
  9. If he thinks I and my family are going to pay again for the coming season and rely on him to then refund the season before ,he can forget it. its back to pay on the gate when we can be arsed Dont trust him as far as I can spit I thought honour was a big thing over there...yea right
  11. Only thing is we might start with one of those two clowns between the sticks with Westwood going
  12. surely we will average 20 k. We have almost that many ST holders still owed a season of attending. On saying that , I don't give a monkeys at the min and may well not attend. Only downside is that DC will still count me as being there
  13. regarding outstanding refunds , I went in the Mega store yesterday and asked when I would get a refund on 3 tickets I am due for. Told I was on the option 8 list ,a phone call away. asked who was doing the refunds and was told it was in house. Asked if anyone was doing refunds that day and was told by the women that they probably were but didn't know. lost the will to live on the the subject at that time and departed. What an absolute cluster fukk.
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