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  1. Someone shouted to Bannon to sort it out when walking off at half time. Bannon told him to Fukk off. Nice
  2. Possesion only tells part of any match story. we are going to get a decent amount of possession whatever thru the fact we play out from the back, the fact we lose possession generally by the time we get to the half way line is something else.
  3. And me thinking you had to actually had to have possession to attack full stop. silly me
  4. We certainly could do worse than appoint Neil. This isn’t scattergun panic kicking in. Moore is watching Rome burn whilst literally fiddling with team selection and tactics.
  5. He would never come here. he really does dislike us with a passion
  6. Jesus wept. He may find it acceptable. Not many I suspect will find it equally acceptable.
  7. Can you put this post where Donkey Darren can see it. On 2nd thoughts don’t bother. it makes too much sense.
  8. Don’t worry. they will be back on track tonight Wednesday ….The gift that keeps giving Moore outta
  9. Apparently Donkey Darren is more focused on stopping their ex piggy superstar centre forward. FFS
  10. If you analyse more than just the bare bones of those 5 games we have been awful
  11. Don’t know what planet you are on. blatantly obvious this joker can’t get this set of nohopers to gel. wer stuck with the players but we can get Donkey Darren out of the mix. over to you Dc
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