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  1. You talk as if he could get the sack. Hes the owner FFS .lol
  2. owlsdreamer

    Iorfa...bought in as a Centre Back?

    Don’t you really mean to say that we will improve the team?.
  3. owlsdreamer

    What has happened to Penney?

    And you arseholle.
  4. owlsdreamer

    Gary Hooper

    A fit Hooper is by far the best centre forward at the club
  5. The only thing Big man Collimore is good for is hitting woman. Ignore the scumbag
  6. owlsdreamer

    What has happened to Penney?

    The rumour I have heard is that he is Leeds bound
  7. owlsdreamer

    1st February

  8. That performance by Fletcher yesterday was the best by far I have seen him play for us whether he can maintain or repeat it on a regular basis is another story.
  9. Let’s not go over board here. His game has improved but let’s not use the word “Worldy” There are people out there at full back who could do a lot better job including the guy we let Bristol City have.
  10. Unless as one of the many ITK persons on here you know,how do you know he is going to Leeds
  11. Agree totally but if you pick a user name like topp owl only your opinion counts. The so called non supporters who can look thru glasses not besmirched with blue and white speak.more sense than theses call to arms clappers. Not being negative to say at the minute everything is not rosy.
  12. owlsdreamer

    No Westwood today - tired

    Aw well,no clean sheet today me thinks. Underwhelmed now. Starting to feel a tad nervous concerning Bruce. Hope that unknown Div 2 Albanian isn’t coming back into the reckoning.
  13. owlsdreamer

    Remy Reynierse still at the club?

    Iv never understood what this man brings to the table
  14. owlsdreamer


    The fact is that some matches I can forget for vast portions of the game that he is actually on the field. On saying that he did a lot better against Preston
  15. owlsdreamer

    Sad picture

    They should have at the very least called him a D taxi and given him an energy drink.