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  1. Cant agree.I didn't find it funny at all. The difference in class was alarming and shows how much we have slipped back. How we managed to get a point out of that game is a mystery equalling the Bermuda Triangle. On saying that, these odd points may prove priceless come the end of the season
  2. And put on the sex offenders register for 10 years
  3. has anyone managed to get thru and speak to someone.and if so, what is the number?
  4. He could have been a legging in Sheffield but the Oinkers were offers him and decided 1/2 million was too much to pay. Alex Sabella enter the stage
  5. Dawson should not be allowed any where near the 1st team again. Whatever way any other goalkeeper performs,, does not justify this clown back in goal
  6. That statement and the inference that heading a football is part of the so called hoofball tactic and absolute rubbish Get a grip.
  7. We were in Malta with the Owls pre season tour and Darren potters 1st day there ended with him stopping out all night. Next morning ,Michael Grey came out onto streets asking if anyone had seen him. It coined the phrase...Wheres Potter Bit of a lad by all accounts.
  8. Just hope it wasn't Pulis's fav team as a kid and has a lifetime ambition
  9. Pulis wasn't my first choice but we are where we are. Monk was a disaster and Pulis is a massive improvement on that. Direct football doesn't have to be boring.Remember Wilkinson anyone? Come on Wednesday .We have a chance to kick on. UTO.
  10. sorry. didn't realise spelling police were about. FFS
  11. So what we are saying is, he hasn't got to be all that big a name for us to punch above our weight at the present time.
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