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  1. Wish we all understood football as well as you do' you will be saying saying he is a Owls legend next.
  2. not even bothered about going tonight ,wish it was off . Yawn
  3. Smell the coffee. we are not included in who or who won't make the play offs. Still be interesting to see which 11 players are drawn out of the hat to play tonight though.
  4. No they don't but there vulture agents set the ridiculous wages these wasters are earning.
  5. what a ridiculous set of statements. you stand there with your dumb fuckk view on things and leave the rest of us to see it how it is.
  6. Not a case of scraoegoats. Lees is playing terrible at the minute....Fact.
  7. Both being Paid mega bucks in the meantime. Its formed a pattern over time..Westwood seems to think he can please himself
  8. there a set of "not fit to wear the shirt" lazy bastardds who have thrown the baby out with the bath water. Absolute disgrace the lot of them are. fool me renewing season ticket but that's we do init.
  9. Take off the blue tinted specs and smell the coffee. They are not the only ones to blame but this set of 'not fit to wear the shirt spineless basttards" all need to do one.
  10. the scariest and most telling thing is that if Monk goes,Bullens back in charge Nothing changes and here lays the problem
  11. there not capable of shaping up. Sack the lot of them
  12. it was a nice gesture to reward him with a years contract but he was never going to be the same great player as he was before injury.
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