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  1. fife_owl

    Bannan at full time

    One of our many problems is that all of the big, noisy characters are sat in the grandstand watching.
  2. fife_owl


    He should really be judged when playing inside a team that knows what it’s doing. at least with Carlos it was clear that the team were following a clear directive.
  3. fife_owl

    Ian Holloway

    I like Holloway - but it’s all pointless. Chansiri has appointed Jos and we are stuck with Jos until he walks.
  4. Utter garbage, Jos has to go. How can a manager with Fletcher, Forestieri, Reach and Bannan at his disposal produce a team so poor in possession. We are getting worse.
  5. fife_owl


    I wonder if Jos won’t play Hutch because he can’t train as often or at the same intensity as others? i recall Hutch saying that Carlos let him manage his knee problems and when he could and could not train.
  6. fife_owl

    The Big Issue.

    I think if he continues to invest to the limit of FFP, he expects the fans to match him. i hope that once we have rode next season out, he buys younger, hungrier players still spending to the limit. i suppose he can’t come and say that we’re bust next season as that reduces the fees that we might get for Reach / Rhodes / Fessi. I’m not defending him - he made a complete mess of it, post Wembley. But I think he might have learned something and buy a different type of play, once we fall back under FFP.
  7. fife_owl

    The Big Issue.

    Chansiri pursued a strategy of signing players with pedigree. At the time Jones, Rhodes, Boyd, Abdi all had excellent records in this league. sadly, for whatever reasons, they turned out ineffective, expensive signings and ruined our FFP position. They continue to ruin our FFP position. chansiri has clearly changed strategy - Jos is explicitly reducing the age of the squad. i think Chansiri and Jos are preparing the team for next season - when FFP will strangle us. Season after that, I think Chansiri will budget to the FFP limit again - but buying talented younger players who are less proven in the championship.
  8. fife_owl

    From a player.......

    When I look at pictures of Jos and the players after games that we’ve won, they don’t look like strangers.
  9. fife_owl

    From a player.......

    Bear in mind that we could have accepted those offers and then the players spoke wages to the clubs involved - not wanting to half their wages, so said no thanks.
  10. fife_owl

    Jos out

    This nicely sums up the position. I don’t think any manager could “progress” the team with that back-drop. Add in injuries and players not able to cope with training expecting to play ahead of those that do...
  11. fife_owl

    Jos out

    If Westwood, Jones, Abdi, Hutch are all unable to train at the same level as everyone else - which is what Jos kind of suggests - then his squad is pretty small. Our season depends on Fessi and Matias staying fit. i can’t see Chansiri sacking him - I get the feeling Jos is having to operate under huge constraints.
  12. fife_owl

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    Out. Players don’t know what system they are playing, no one knows what system we’ll play next, no one knows which 11 will start, proven players at this level left rotting on the fringes earning huge wages.
  13. fife_owl


    I’m thinking DC might go domestic. He knows that Jos is his man and his man alone - he’s being constantly reminded that fans are paying over the odds for rubbish produced by a manager we’ve never heard of and never wanted.
  14. fife_owl

    The Buck Stops At The Top

    At the moment we are not. We are at FFP limit and expected to be under sanctions next year. A new owner can’t invest, making us one of the least attractive investments in the championship.
  15. I can’t see Jos being sacked. Chansiri didn’t really sack Carlos did he? Sounded like Carlos started the conversation to part ways - not DC.