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  1. fife_owl

    Skipper next season

    Pelupessy. Hutch is too up and down, Lees and Reach not vocal enough. I don’t think Pudil will play every week.
  2. The boy “Dave” will be better advised by his Dad!
  3. fife_owl

    Dave and Who

    Dave and Joao are in possession - it’s up to Fessi, Matias and Rhodes to win the starting spots off them.
  4. Club should organise a behind closed doors friendly then.
  5. fife_owl

    The most positive Sunday ever?

    I think his other eye might be next. He really is the club sick-note.
  6. Sounds like a very open and honest session. Having a chairman trying to live at the very edge of FFP is only a good thing in my opinion. I am optimistic for next season if we can win some games and stay up!!
  7. Jos has reputation for not taking BS from the board. He walked out of his last job due to disagreements / interference??
  8. So what happens if Joao and Nuhiu are injured. We play 5-5-0 every week and get relegated?
  9. These wholesale changes every game can’t be helping.
  10. fife_owl

    The Thing I Don’t Get

    I’m wishing Carlos was still here. There you go, I’ve said it!
  11. First happy time on OT in a while. Top marks guys!
  12. fife_owl

    Consistent defensive formation

    I think switching back to a back four was key to our demise yesterday. Against championship sides (Brum apart) we’ve looked solid and managed to sling some forward moves together playing 5-3-2. Maybe Lees and a Pudil can operate as a pair - I don’t feel Venancio, Loovens or Van Aken are good enough to be part of a defensive pair.
  13. fife_owl

    Tell you who we miss

    This. They wouldn’t dare not leave it all out there if Jose was going to be standing in their way going back to the dressing room.
  14. Kind of agree with - apart from there are players that we are paying way above their market value. I suspect Jones, Abdi, Fletcher, Boyd, Rhodes will end up seeing their contracts out. We would be forced to sell Fessi, Reach, Bannan, Hooper and Westwood. We’d lose all the players we want to watch and keep all the players we’d like to lose. ☹️
  15. The bench yesterday had Jones, Abdi, Boyd sat there. All three were key contributors in recent promotions and, I think, went on to hold down midfield places in the premier league. Yet, not one of them has been able to nail down a regular starting berth. All three were highly regarded at their former clubs too. What have we done to them??