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  1. This whole affair has been unfair on Bullen. The two wins at the start of the season got him and Chansiri dreaming. He doesn’t know what his style of play is, the team were clueless in possession yesterday. The sooner Chansiri acts, the better. For me, Monk or Rowett are younger managers who’ve learned the ropes, and come close to success in this league.
  2. We need a manager with a vision and style of play.
  3. If Bully stuck to the high press/ high tempo style I might be more likely to support his appointment. But, for me, he’s gone Jos in the last three games with different tactics and selections. We were clueless today - just ping it to Fletcher’s head. it was clear half way through the first half that Moses was getting roasted too.
  4. We were utterly predictable today. Everything through Fletcher’s head. We need a manager who is going to impose a style of play - not attempt to adapt to the opposition as Bully has done.
  5. It would be best all round if Norwich bought Rhodes. It’s simply not worked, he should go where he’s valued by the manager and we can use the money. I’d keep Joao. I don’t like the four that’s left behind. Fletch and Fessi will each miss a quarter of the season.
  6. Looks like DC is working solo on this - no info from inside the club. We only see what managers’ agents are leaking to the journos - which doesn’t seem to be much. Looks like we’ve spoken to Hughton and Pulis so far.. I think DC needs to move - that’s a week of limbo and summer recruitment only half done.
  7. No, he couldn’t possibly come back. If the move fails, hopefully we can sue him for the balance of his contract and his two co-snakes too.
  8. I’m very disappointed at how he has acted, clearly has no decency or morals at all. Now that he’s resigned, let’s use the compensation wisely and get Chris Hughton. Arguably a better manager with two automatic promotions. His Brighton team were very very good in the championship.
  9. Bruce clearly wants to go - otherwise he wouldn’t have said its up to the clubs. He’s ruined it for himself at Wednesday, I hope that we can fleece NUFC for a few £million and bring in Houghton.
  10. I’m thinking players like the two Newcastle boys and Iorfa.
  11. I can still see large turn-over for one simple reason - age. if we go into next season with a similar squad, we’ll end up with the same injury pile up. i expect us to sign a few freebies from the fringes of the premiership and a hand full of loans.
  12. I think he’ll be sold before next season’s transfer window closes. Anything around £4m i’d say. Was brilliant and unplayable on his day - but I don’t see him recapturing that form with us.
  13. Of the out of contract players, I would say Westwood and Palmer should be offered new deals. Westwood has showed us what a difference he makes, hopefully he’d take a two year deal. Palmer has stepped it up this season and has earned a new deal - maybe not as expensive as other out of contract players. We simply can’t afford Hooper and Lee now - they are too injury prone and on big money. Assuming that we can, I expect Bruce to wheel and deal extensively over the summer and us to have a very different, younger line up next season. I expect a good few loans too.
  14. We hope he bangs in a few more at Norwich and cash in. Nice guy, great finisher in the past- better for all concerned that he moves on to a fresh start.
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