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  1. I'm surprised Jazzy Geoff and Disco Bobby haven't made an appearance yet.
  2. Thought this was best in Matchday rather than non-SWFC, but please move if I was wrong. If Portsmouth go bust, the Premier League will still probably want 20 clubs in the division next season, so will they only relegate 2? If so, might the Football League and Conference follow suit, with the third worst club in each division benefitting? I genuinely don't know the answer, but I do know that we could possibly end the season as the third worst club in the Championship.
  3. I'm not 100% convinced by the squadbuilder idea, but I'm in for a ton if it gets the go-ahead. And I'm definitely in to buy into a fan consiortium to take over! If LS and NP continue to run the club according to the business plan, and the bank will still write off what we were expecting to be written off, I could see myself in for a lot more than a grand as well.
  4. I think there's possibly something in this - I think the PR effort is not as smooth as it could be. BUT for my own part, I think it's really refreshing to hear directly from Lee, a fan who really cares about the club, and not some slick willy of a communications director. Also, I think it's possible that we have a distorted idea of how much resistance there is in the wider fanbase to Lee's narrative because Owlstalk is full of drama queens, fudders, and (being polite) the none-too rumbleing bright.
  5. I think we're lucky that our bank and main creditor is the Co-op, which isn't having to rebuild its balance sheet to the same extent as most banks at the moment, and which I think would only take such drastic steps if there was absolutely no other option (if we owed the revenue a lot of money, a different story (and rightly so), just ask Portsmouth). But I suspect we're also lucky that interest rates are low at the moment, and therefore the debt is relatively cheap to service. If the base rate was 5% instead of 0.5% things might start to look a bit less rosy in the bank's risk management office. Someone might be able to put me straight on that, of course. So what does that mean, if true? I think it means that in the medium term, reducing the debt is paramount. From what is in the public domain, we know that the bank has agreed in principle a plan to do just this, in conjunction with new investment and the LS/NP business plan. It seems that there are investors who are almost ready to invest, but understandably the uncertainty about which division we will play in next season leads to uncertainty about the short term value that's in the deal for investors. Again, LS took the right decision, probably at the right time, and appointed a manager who has transformed our form (even including the last two games, we are in a much better position than pre-Irvine) - we need to do everything we can to stay up. Going down would mean less TV money and a lower probability of investment. I would go just as many times in League 1 as I do now (not as often as I would like to), but I can't see any positives in going down, and it would be a serious setback for Lee's turnaround plan which, like it or not (and I like it) is the only game in town. The negativity on this website at the moment, and the atmosphere of ill-informed paranoia, are depressing, but consider this a plea not to let the babble of the echo chamber overwhelm you. On our form since Irvine took over we are on course to stay up. Let's get behind the lads - they're not the best players in the world but they're the only ones we have. Staying up should massively increase the chances of investment, which will massively improve the financial security of the club (more importantly than raw spending power). Irvine will be able to/have to overhaul the squad in the close season. Next season, it could be all to play for. UTO, keep up the good work Lee.
  6. One decent win and all of a sudden Derby are 13th. Still everything to play for in this league.
  7. BBC has 7 attempts apiece on target, let's not cut our wrists just yet.
  8. 1 goal now pushes us up the table three places. Come on Wednesday!
  9. £6.4M plus whatever is allocated to the budget from other revenue lines including TV income.
  10. Yes, if we sell fewer season tickets next season than this, the budget is not likely to be higher. Happy to help.
  11. If we can get to Forest unbeaten under AI, the Forest game will be interesting.
  12. I think we are asking people to invest in the business fundamentals of the club, based on the argument that there is potential upside there. That's what the business plan is for, and the infamous prospectus (that I have not seen). LS has said that if an investor looks at the proposition and thinks they can run the place better without him, he won't stand in their way if he thinks it's right for the club. So it comes down to how well the business plan/risk stacks up against the price being asked. At the moment, with League One next season looking a distinct possibility, it may look less good than it did three months ago, but that can change back quick enough.
  13. This doesn't really stack up. Facts on the ground change, so if some of the things you promise in the first flush of enthusiasm for a new project don't quite pan out, doesn't mean you were lying, just means you turned out to be wrong. LS has arguably given too many hostages to fortune with his public statements (particularly given the deafness to nuance shown by many posters here), but if he wasn't talking big, he would never have got the gig in the first place. The question then is why did he want the gig, and as the answer seems to be "to save the club he loves", I'm more inclined to cut him some slack than to cryptically allude to dark secrets.
  14. Lee is obviously still learning the football business, but I think that's fine, and he's got a track record of building a business in a different field and is a fan who appears to truly care about the club, so I expect him to grow in stature (always assuming he doesn't get shunted aside by any new owners). If the main criticisms are that he hasn't put any of his own money in and hasn't yet got investment, I would say that the days of benefactor chairmen keeping clubs afloat are very much numbered as the sums of money involved are out of reach of most individuals these days (leaving the likes of Chelsea and Man City out of it, Lee doesn't have that kind of money by any means) - we need to build a stable and sustainable footballing business, and I think that's the way Lee sees it. As for investment, he hasn't "failed", he just hasn't got any YET.
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