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  1. Shall we not appoint a manager who's known for walking out or threatening to at the drop of a hat?
  2. A court would see through that, you'd have to guess. But clearly we can't be without a manager or head coach for long. I am not a litigator but wonder if we can make an application for a ruling that appointing a replacement won't prejudice the cases against Bruce and Newcastle.
  3. ha ha! Now I hope someone's already drafting the court application for the injunctions.
  4. If we wanted to hold Bruce to his contract (eg gardening leave) it would possibly be unhelpful to release a statement saying he's left the club.
  5. Actually (and I am a lawyer), if there was any ongoing issue about Bruce's SWFC contract I would be advising the club not to say anything, and would be pissed off if comms weren't being run past me. We'd be concentrating on the legal side of it. If there is no ongoing legal issue, maybe there will be a statement later. I don't really care what the club says or doesn't say about Bruce in those circumstances (if I was a lawyer advising the club I'd be suggesting we didn't call him a judas cheeky monkey or words to that effect).
  6. What if we haven't accepted a payment? And what if we don't wish him well?
  7. If there's any ongoing legal issue, that may mean a statement wouldn't be helpful at this point. If there isn't, I'm happy for the club not to be issuing an insincere boilerplate statement thanking Bruce for his service. Although it would possibly be funny to issue a statement saying, "The club can confirm that Steve Bruce no longer works here."
  8. I hope this means the compo was sorted. If not, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  9. Why isn't it good for them? They can do both, hiring a new manager doesn't automatically free Bruce - they can both get a replacement in and stick Bruce in a gimp suit until Ashley ponies up. See Napoli last year where they hired Ancelotti but still held Sarri hostage until Chelsea paid the piper. #3760 by Paulie Walnuts on 17 Jul, 2019 00:16 On a positive note Charnley will be squirming - the pressure on him is building to get a deal for spud face over the line. Italian law may be more helpful to Napoli than English law is to us here.
  10. Looking to a media career rather than coaching by the look of it?
  11. _If_ the contract says £5m we should not accept one penny less.
  12. I agree with the OP. Better not to be panicked into a rushed decision. The tendency is to always describe stakes as existential. In this case, I don't think they are.
  13. My first instinct would have been that he'd only go Rangers outside the top leagues, or to a Wolves type moneybags project. But his status is pretty comparable to Cocu's, and Derby's financial situation is not dissimilar to ours. So, who knows.
  14. some shitehawk on Twitter posted this: Just one problem, his purported work colleague is on Instagram:
  15. Or Ashley sent the money and said, that's all you're getting, and Chansiri said, thanks for the money but you still owe us X. Am not going to be adding my voice to the chorus of people saying that Chansiri should cave to Ashley and Bruce's unethical tactics. If the contract says we're entitled to more, we should hold out for it.
  16. There's no reason for Brighton not to do a deal, to be honest. The only reason Houghton would be on Gardening Leave is because his termination payment was high, so the GL was a quid pro quo, probably a negotiating placeholder that they hoped would have gone by the time the deal was done. A deal should be very doable if Hughton fancies the job, with its known budgetary constraints.
  17. People are saying he's on gardening leave and would have to be bought out.
  18. As plenty of people have pointed out, he's managed Newcastle and Brum. There may be names out there with more upside potential (Van Bronckhorst is one) but Hughton is the obvious choice, and we can afford to pay his Brighton compo now, surely. Would be weird if we weren't trying to make this happen.
  19. Wasn't Arteta one of those who turned down Newcastle? I'd be very surprised if he came here.
  20. We can afford a bit of compo now. We should go and get Wilder
  21. Decent result if confirmed. Maybe half a mill more for the other Steves? Shame if it's not the full contract amount, but I'm not going to cry about that.
  22. The concern with Hughton is what compo Brighton would ask for to buy him out of his gardening leave, if the reports are accurate that they're still paying him.
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