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  1. Maybe it is the case. I don't know, and neither does anyone else on here.
  2. You can't believe _all_ the reporting because much of it is contradictory. Cherry picking isn't justified - who's to say whose reporting is better of Nixon's or the Telegraph guy's, for instance? The only logical thing is to discount it all as no more reliable than rumour, conjecture, and possibly disinformation.
  3. So - things we still don't know: what was in the Steves' contracts what Newcastle were told were the conditions for talking to Bruce What Newcastle have offered Things we do know: Wednesday are not satisfied that this has been resolved Chansiri is sticking to his guns re the above. I can see nothing in the known facts to justify the kvetching about the club's strategy on this. To get there, everybody who is being negative in this way is making significant assumptions (cherry-picking the reporting that suits their mood) that may or may not be correct.
  4. 26 years old, 42 caps for Korea, 7 goals. Transfermarkt only rates him as worth EUR 1.5M. Doesn't fill any obvious gap in our team but at that price he'd be good value for someone.
  5. A lot of negativity here. I am very surprised! The asian lad who scored their second looks a bit tasty.
  6. None of us actually knows what Bruce's contract said. None of us actually knows the state of negotiations. It's absolutely meaningless to take all the newspaper reports and average them out and call that the truth. Here's what we actually know. The last public statement from either of the clubs is that Wednesday have said that contractual issues remain unresolved.
  7. I'm struggling to understand the line of reasoning that goes: 1 - steady eddies like Monk and Rowett are not good enough 2 - we want a proven winner 3 - like serial loser and unmanageable rage case Roy Keane
  8. And I don’t think he’s under any obligation to be grateful for conditional backing that says “I like you as long as you don’t get ideas above your station.”
  9. He’s entitled to block people who are getting in his face at a crucial time for him. It’s not about having a thin skin, it’s maybe about managing your environment so you can think straight. And people will say stuff to you online that by and large they wouldn’t say IRL.
  10. I think they'll have done very well to stay up. I would have thought their style from last season would leave them very exposed against Prem level opposition. But maybe I'll be wrong.
  11. The same applies to us. If Kenneth Zohore is worth £8m, with very similar Championship stats to Joao, albeit a season in the Premier, Joao's value can't be that ,much less.
  12. I understand all the misgivings, and share many of them. But if he wants it, it's a different conversation - I think he should be shown the respect of his interest being taken seriously.
  13. Owlstalk be all like No, Bully, I love you like a brother.
  14. Ok. So if If he’s putting himself up for it he deserves fair consideration.
  15. Appointing Bullen would be like the time Peter Shreeves was appointed after filling in ably a few times. If Bullen wanted it it would be a different conversation, but every indication is that he doesn't...
  16. Wiki says (and this tallies with my memory), he asked for permission to talk to Stoke after the play off defeat, and there doesn't seem to have been any irregularity. I think it should be possible to distinguish between this and the sort of behaviour that Bruce has indulged in.
  17. Other than Stoke, Rowett's record is pretty good. He wasn't popular at Derby despite basically doing as well as all other Derby managers - his conservative style of play wasn't the "Derby way". I was very pro him as a replacement for Gray. At this point, his appointment would feel underwhelming, but it wouldn't be a disaster.
  18. Shall we not appoint a manager who's known for walking out or threatening to at the drop of a hat?
  19. A court would see through that, you'd have to guess. But clearly we can't be without a manager or head coach for long. I am not a litigator but wonder if we can make an application for a ruling that appointing a replacement won't prejudice the cases against Bruce and Newcastle.
  20. ha ha! Now I hope someone's already drafting the court application for the injunctions.
  21. If we wanted to hold Bruce to his contract (eg gardening leave) it would possibly be unhelpful to release a statement saying he's left the club.
  22. Actually (and I am a lawyer), if there was any ongoing issue about Bruce's SWFC contract I would be advising the club not to say anything, and would be pissed off if comms weren't being run past me. We'd be concentrating on the legal side of it. If there is no ongoing legal issue, maybe there will be a statement later. I don't really care what the club says or doesn't say about Bruce in those circumstances (if I was a lawyer advising the club I'd be suggesting we didn't call him a judas cheeky monkey or words to that effect).
  23. What if we haven't accepted a payment? And what if we don't wish him well?
  24. If there's any ongoing legal issue, that may mean a statement wouldn't be helpful at this point. If there isn't, I'm happy for the club not to be issuing an insincere boilerplate statement thanking Bruce for his service. Although it would possibly be funny to issue a statement saying, "The club can confirm that Steve Bruce no longer works here."
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