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  1. Somewhere where their cousin didn't die at the place they'd have to turn up for work every day, possibly.
  2. They restricted us to poor quality chances, though. Lots of speculative shooting - as xG vs attempts shows. We weren't _really_ creating. In general, we are neither particularly profligate nor clinical this year (so we aren't where we are by fluke, although I agree that on paper we have had an easyish set of fixtures to start with) You can't put that all on the manager, though. Better players than ours can struggle to get past a team that's parked the bus like Milwall did. Just one of those days.
  3. I reckon, if I was caretaker manager, and had said I wanted the permanent job, and had won 3 out of 4, and the owner chose this moment to replace me, I'd be within my rights to be a bit cheesed off. In fact, I'd probably walk.
  4. Plenty on here said we flattered to deceive all the way to 2 play-off finishes a few years ago - I'd take that bargain again.
  5. I agree! Bruce's geordie vowels were almost indecipherable.
  6. Lee Bullen could take us to the champions league title and Scotland to the World Cup and someone on here would still be holding the post Burton interview against him.
  7. I remember the first Jos game (or maybe not the very first, but the first televised one) and thinking, well the football wasn't going to be easy on the eye but we'd been falling to pieces under Carlos, and he seemed to at least stop that, and we had a coupe of good spells under him. I'm at a loss to understand how bad it got at times.
  8. We don't know if he's getting acting up pay. I'd hope he's being taken care of.
  9. I think that’s reasonable. Maybe they could agree a deadline of eg the first international break.
  10. If the thinking is that the curent team is doing well, it would make sense to appoint them, and fill in behind Thompson at junior level. There's an argument that it's to early to be confident in a move like that. For me, waiting and seeing for now remains the most sensible option. Tell the current team they're in charge until further notice and play it by ear.
  11. The heat map shows they were pinned back in their own half a lot. (edit - The Only Way is S6 beat me to it) That site needs XG.
  12. Reach can make a decent fist of any outfield role except centre back and centre forward. So he's a very useful tool for a manager to have in his box. I understand the argument that there's maybe not one position on the pitch he's right now the obvious first choice for, but squad rotation is going to be key (and I think we also tend to underraye him), and I can certainly see him starting the large majority of games somewhere on the pitch. His own conundrum would be whether he needs to be somewhere where he can make one role his own, and level up.
  13. There isn't much to be lost by biding our time and seeing if he's up to or will grow into the job. Unless you think appointing any of the managers available now guarantees promotion. And if he wants the job, its not for anyone else to say he's being too ambitious. I would have been happy to see Rowett (for example) appointed. I'm happy now. That will change if we start to look off the pace.
  14. Reckon Winnall could well go to a good L1 side on loan.
  15. I think the first XI will be Westwood Palmer Lees Borner Odubajo Hutch Bannan Lee Reach Harris Fletcher Luongo will probably be the first in line to replace any of the midfield 3.
  16. Its a sticky wicket and they should throw in the towel.
  17. Chelsea won't drop their asking price until the last possible minute while there's more than one potential buyer. But the last buyer standing will get this down a bit, and Chelsea will strongly prefer to sell because that asking price (for the January window) is slashed as of 5.01pm. It'll go to the wire because none of the potential buyers have an existential need for another CB. We probably have enough bodies as it stands, even without the Bates interest.
  18. Only upvoting you for the Talk Talk avi, really.
  19. The Star's clickbait galleries (four page views for 3 lines of information) drive me flipping insane. At least the website no longer completely crashes my browser.
  20. Wow, Sam Winnall is 28. For some reason I assumed he was about 24.
  21. If we bank £15m for Bruce, Rhodes and Joao (lets say for the sake of argument) we’ll be able to buy and still be significantly better off on P&S. if we earmarked just £3m for transfer spending this season that could equate to £12m of players on 4 year contracts.
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