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  1. Hard working performance all round, can't fault anyone significantly.


    Gave it to Bazza for how coolly he put that penalty away (never a penalty, but we were due one of those).


    39 points from 23 is a very good return. I think the gap to Leeds and Wet Bum is a real one, but if we can stay the pace until the 11th it could be all to play for then.

  2. 1 hour ago, CF_Owl said:

    Great stuff @HirstWhoScoredIt, love it!


    If you don't already know there is a great site called FiveThirtyEight.com created by Nate Silver. They do a very similar thing and take in to account all sorts of other data. Highly recommend taking a look if you love sports predictions. They update each week and you can go back and see the predictions from any recent date. They currently have Stoke sneaking out of the relegation zone and Boro going down with Luton and Barnsley. It's mediocre reading for us though unfortunately.



    538 is trying to extrapolate from in-play stats, as opposed to past league patterns. I don't think having us as the 10th best team in the league with a 21% chance of the playoffs is unduly harsh. We'll need to slightly overperform to make it, I think. But it's certainly not impossible.

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  3. 1 minute ago, striker said:

    Good player, but not irreplaceable. Think £10m is low, if they come back with a reasonable offer, worth considering. 


    The very best teams sell players, at the right time, for the right money. We should approach our transfer business in the same way. We're a mid table team with or without reach, a sale of £12m+ could give us the resources to challenge next season.


    This. I am a big fan of Adam Reach but in our squad he's too often used as a utility man rather than to his strengths. We need to raise money, and it would be a good move for him. As close to £15M as possible, a sell-on clause, and I'd be happy.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, Road Runner said:


    Against Millwall with the possession and shots in any other game if we had taken the chances - Bullen can’t score the goals too but set the team up to pepper Millwall and they did. We would have scored 4/5 it was just one of those games.



    They restricted us to poor quality chances, though. Lots of speculative shooting - as xG vs attempts shows. We weren't _really_ creating. In general, we are neither particularly profligate nor clinical this year (so we aren't where we are by fluke, although I agree that on paper we have had an easyish set of fixtures to start with)


    You can't put that all on the manager, though. Better players than ours can struggle to get past a team that's parked the bus like Milwall did. Just one of those days.

  5. I reckon, if I was caretaker manager, and had said I wanted the permanent job, and had won 3 out of 4, and the owner  chose this moment to replace me, I'd be within my rights to be a bit cheesed off. 


    In fact, I'd probably walk.

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