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  1. Props to the players and Monk for the improvement over the Derby game - the last one I saw. Voted for Wildsmith, but Bannan, Wickham, Murphy and Luongo were all excellent. I had no real complaints about anyone. Let's keep this up for the rest of the season.
  2. Who are the persons involved in adjudging the merits of a defamation claim other than the legal system?
  3. The actual legal system won't apply that as a principle to prop up sports governance. The counterargument is that sports governance should not be capricious, and should operate in legally accountable ways.
  4. The EFL does not have the authority of the state, so I have no idea where you're coming from with this. And a first instance legal decision is not a binding precedent. I don't think Chansiri should sue the EFL, fwiw. My guess about this whole situation is that somebody at the EFL dropped the ball on these cases (us, Derby, Villa), and they've been desperately trying to fix it with these charges. The charges are weak if they look like retrospective punishment for actions that were approved at the time. Hence the need to argue that we acted in bad faith or lied. It looks like that argument has fallen over. I think that makes the EFL's underlying case most likely considerably weaker. Another piece of context is that P&S rules are going to have to be relaxed for this season at least anyway, and as it's a rolling 3 year calculation, it would be capricious to penalise clubs until the effect of that is known.
  5. Voted for Iorfa. Not everyone played well but an injury ravaged team in historically bad form not embarrassing themselves against that Man City side is probably the best we could have realistically hoped for. On Saturday I felt that playing Pelupessy would have been a better option than not playing a stopper in midfield at all. Today, all he really did was provide an extra body. We really need Luogo back, and we've missed Reach so much on this run.
  6. First game I've been to since Leeds away. Pretty shocking all round - in the first half they were walking through our midfield at will. Iorfa and Windass stood out as making a big difference in the second half.
  7. I don't like to be negative, but that was gruesome. Reminded me of the days of getting outplayed by shitty little clubs in League 1.
  8. Was sat with the L**ds fans Thought it was a very assured and hard working display all around - shut the crowd up by just after the half hour mark. Have given it to big O for not looking at all out of place in only his second match.
  9. Hard working performance all round, can't fault anyone significantly. Gave it to Bazza for how coolly he put that penalty away (never a penalty, but we were due one of those). 39 points from 23 is a very good return. I think the gap to Leeds and Wet Bum is a real one, but if we can stay the pace until the 11th it could be all to play for then.
  10. I thought Dawson, Lees, Hutch, Reach, Harris and Fletcher had very good games, and nobody apart from Odubajo had a bad one. We're not sexy at the moment, but we're close to being a reliable get the job done outfit. Palmer will be an upgrade on Odubajo when he returns.
  11. Voted for Bannan. Iorfa and Fletcher also excellent. Who says we can only beat the bottom 7? We've beaten the bottom 8 now.
  12. Two mediocre teams cancelling each other out. Playoffs feel like a stretch at the moment - hope all the financial issues don't stop us doing some loan business in January. We need a goalscorer.
  13. 538 is trying to extrapolate from in-play stats, as opposed to past league patterns. I don't think having us as the 10th best team in the league with a 21% chance of the playoffs is unduly harsh. We'll need to slightly overperform to make it, I think. But it's certainly not impossible.
  14. ha, I was wondering the other day if I could dig up the old version of this thread. Thanks for this.
  15. Bowen's a £10m player, we can't afford him.
  16. Excellent all round showing. No complaints with anyone but voted for Dave.
  17. Check it out, we're one point behind the world's greatest current team Leeds United.
  18. Took him a lot of words to write "gerrit forud ffs"
  19. This. I am a big fan of Adam Reach but in our squad he's too often used as a utility man rather than to his strengths. We need to raise money, and it would be a good move for him. As close to £15M as possible, a sell-on clause, and I'd be happy.
  20. Good performance all round. Went for Bannan as much for his tracking back and disruption of their momentum as for his creation.
  21. If Monk doesn't want Bullen as part of the 1st team operation, I expect Bullen to be offered a return to the academy. Maybe he'll feel the time is right now for him to start looking for a manager job somewhere.
  22. Ross Barkley may not have pulled up any trees for us, or yet fulfilled his potential, but it's still amusing to see Owlstalkers saying he shouldn't displace Rhys McCabe from the first XI.
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