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  1. Obviously nobody's ever going to pay DC's asking price to buy him out. If he's properly advised, which it doesn't seem like he is, he'd be looking for something like an investor to come in and take 51% of the club with a call on the remaining 49% at a fixed price if PL was achieved, or something.
  2. Not sure about this. As DC is himself the main creditor, triggering administration (which he may not even be able to do) would amount to him unilaterally writing off a huge chunk of what's owed to him.
  3. Looking forward to this, get the long weekend off to a cracking start with a lovely game of footer on the telly.
  4. Went for Windass but Lees, Börner, Westwood, Joey, Bannan, all not far behind. Be just like Wednesday to win the next two, and have it in our hands for Derby, and then...
  5. That game could have easily gone our way, but at the moment we need everybody to be on peak form to win, and any improvement has almost certainly come too late. I'm happy Moore is here, though, and optimistic (but not blindly so) about next season.
  6. look on the bright side, Bazza’s going to rip L1 a new bum hole.
  7. To be fair, I'll take that over Pulis' "they're doing they're best and they're just not good enough" in terms of motivating the squad. Are they improving? Hard to argue that they are. Are they improving enough to make up a 9 point gap in 10 games. Absolutely not. I don't think we have any option but to trust Moore to rebuild in league 1, to be honest. At least we'll be a bigger draw for players at that level and should be less up against it than we have been the last couple of years (although I do remember how bad the last league 1 stint got at times).
  8. We weren't humiliated, but were simply outclassed, and this team has had a glass chin for a couple of seasons now. Voted for Rhodes, although he can't keep up that lone striker role for much more than 45 minutes.
  9. There was an equaliser, which we've found hard to do, albeit it came after they got a red card I couldn't see the cause of. And we had plenty of chances and half chances, and most recent games we've had very few. But they just looked better than us. Their transitions into attack looked threatening and incisive, ours looked rote and uncreative. There's very little doubt now that for whatever reasons, we're going to find it very hard to avoid relegation, and quite possibly by more than the 6 point deduction. tbh, given the scale of the squad rebuild needed thi
  10. If he were to be replaces by Pardew, that would be 4 out 4 Baggies managers from their 17-18 season who've managed Wednesday. Fingers crossed we're not talking about his replacement for years. Decent appointment on the face of it.
  11. Didn't see last week's game as I was having Sky problems. Would have strongly preferred not to have seen last night's game. The form under Thommo overall gives us a chance, but we can't afford to go on another Pulis-like run. But that doesn't seem that unlikely to happen. But I don't know that appointing a manager for 15 games is going to change much. Silver lining: with a massive cleaning of the decks at the end of the season, it will actually be much easier to put together a decent new-look L1 squad than a Champ squad. If we stay up, expect next season to
  12. Disappointing news. You can't blame the player, who stands a good chance of playing in a title challenging team and playing in Europe next season, and making more money than he would get here.
  13. We were outclassed but not embarrassed imo. For both of their second half goals it felt like five nine Joey wasn't the right guy to be marking their big lads. Voted for Uroghide, looked sharp and committed for a young player who's been out for a year.
  14. Can't see him wanting to come here at the moment - he'll surely have better offers from promotion chasing teams.
  15. Relieved to get through that without too many scares. Exeter were very solid, and carried a threat on the counter, but we got stronger as we went on. Shaw looked like flipping Vieira at times. The first game I've seen of the post-Pulis era (I did sort of see Derby but I was, er, poofaced, so didn't really register what was going on), let's keep it up.
  16. After the very soft opening goal I thought we looked predictable, and with very little chance of getting through Hughton's lines but not actively terrible. In the second half, we looked actively terrible. Joey and Reach probably the best of a bad bunch in that first half, Dunkley with a solid 6/10 overall for MoM. Ooof.
  17. I'm trying to keep some perspective on this. We've been prone to the periodic epic stinker of a performance for a while, and we've mostly bounced back from those. The table and the form table don't look great, though.
  18. Too early to tell, but against Swansea I thought we looked credible, and it's possible that a couple of attacking additions would make the difference, and last night was heartening in terms of mental toughness and work rate. Mind slightly boggled by how unrecognisable Joao is as a player.
  19. Voted for Joe but in reality a four way tie between him, Börner, Reach and Patterson. Maybe also the ref.
  20. Decent showing, and for a change we didn't spend 90 minutes making the other lot look like the only football team on the pitch. I can see people getting frustrated with Pulis's conservatism - there were big chunks of the first half where we kept possession but didn't find a way to progress, but I'd rather that than aimlessly punting it upfield all the time. Van Aken was just well beaten for the goal, and should Börner have been covering behind him? My vote goes to Reach.
  21. I'm not jumping for joy at the prospect of a Pulis Wednesday but I can see the logic of the appointment. And a deal to the end of the season doesn't seem sensible to me at the moment given how many players will need to be renewed or replaced before next season. We need the prospect of some continuity.
  22. Not inspiring but safe. I think he could improve some aspects of some of our players - work ethic and mental discipline. tbh we are going to be more attractive to managers who are past their peak or in a dip than up and comers who will probably take a hit by getting sacked from this very difficult job, ad the top managers at this level (eg Hughton) don't seem to want in at the moment. I'm kind of it is what it is about it.
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