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  1. Anyone looking to do anything after. Sheffield Tigers Speedway are at home at Owlerton on Sunday. First race is at 5:30pm and U16’s go free.
  2. I have a feeling it was going to be the pigs until we ended up in the same league and that's why it wasn't announced with the others they're trying to find a replacement.
  3. I managed to see Welsh police, Cumbrian Police, Cheshire Police, Met Police, North Yorkshire police as well as our own, would like to know what the justification was for 6 police forces for one of the easiest to police games in history.
  4. I would say that the 8 steps indicates that it's on the lower? Sure there's more than 8 steps to the upper? Also the mention of disabled spaces in the away section means they either have the upper or the entire stand.
  5. Reading the application it sounds as though this isn't the original design as the original had larger lettering and it was refused as being too out of character with the neighbouring housing. Maybe this is why the banner is simple and a montage etc. As they would be refused too.
  6. The netted off seats are due to fire regulations. SAG will have had to run simulations to see how quick people can evacuate each stand. It was found that at full capacity the stands can not be evacuated within the time set in the regulations. The club chose to use the seats that they can't use as extra segregation. Maybe they would have been better just netting off the back rows so it isn't as visible. If we really couldn't use the seats because of OTT segregation do you think the club wouldn't have challenged it or made it more public, after all it is costing them money if they c
  7. I personally would have rated Sam Winnall a lot more than a 6 today so it just shows that stats don't prove anything, if you insist on looking at the stats then surely mcmanaman deserves a run instead as he's played a lot less and is nearly on the same rating as reach.
  8. Neither, but why can't a contract extension be announced in the morning rather than at midnight. Never once did I say this wasn't good news but if someone is going to go to the trouble of announcing this in the middle of the night I would have expected it to be more than a player we own still being a player we own. But sorry i forgot that If someone posts something you don't agree with on this site they must be a pig.
  9. Wow that was underwhelming at this time of night.
  10. This was never going to be a game to suit hooper, he is a fox in the box type player and we knew that against a strong Villa team we need every player to help with the breaking down and that's why we started with fletcher. It was obvious when he first came on that it was going to require a change in the way we were playing and that in my opinion made us less effectual as we looked in the first 20 mins.
  11. Anybody else think that the tracksuit tops would have made a better design for the kit? Looks really smart.
  12. I like it as well. They're going to be the first two names on the team sheet so makes sense to give them the first two numbers, means the keeper will always be read out first on the team sheet as well.
  13. But those season ticket holders have still paid something for the match. Because football league rules seem to class season ticket holders as present even if they aren't you have to take into consideration the amount of there season ticket that reflects on that game rather than a one off total up front. It's all complicated but it depends on how we do our accounting and how good they are at it.
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