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  1. We are club that is paying wages, paying tax on time and in full, does not have creditors banging at the door, a chairman that is doing this for his family, the love of the club and this community, It does make me laugh that fundamentally the EFL will make a stand against, the date given in a set of accounts and will arbitrarily and fundamentally damage one of their prize assets, when their response to those who are asset stripping and bring game and EFL in to disrepute is to say “they are concerned “ and give them more time to do it!
  2. They haven’t done anything illegal. It’s the rules of our governing body we’ve (possibly) broken.
  3. Yep, DC had a go, spent spent spent, the team and Carlos failed him. This has been coming, but his refusal to sell has also come back to haunt him.
  4. This will be demoralising for the players
  5. And teams who never spent a penny on their ground and were never forced to as a result of Hillsboro tragedy or had their stadium built for them can have owners who spend what they like.
  6. Always thought we were in a relegation battle
  7. Looked like a Mexican wrestling gig with amount of masks in the crowd! SAG would have heart attacks watching that
  8. Suspect you’re correct i found that very underwhelming from both of them...not a promising start. But he has my support UTO
  9. Serving it in kiosks....To help fans get through the game
  10. Bloody typical about the only one I didn’t have a few quid on!
  11. Spot on! *i really hope this doesn’t age well*
  12. One more thing I’ve just seen your shorts..The chairman says don’t worry about FFP he’ll save a fortune on your personalised training gear.... you can have his..
  13. Bullen said in his interview when asked if he was getting the players to play his way, “the first thing I do is look at the opposition!” Yep I bet that’s what Wilder said when he walked in to the lane!
  14. A Strategy; A plan; A management team; an owner with a clue and ability to do the above
  15. Like any successful organisation you need to set a goal, have a vision, the right management team to enact a strategy to meet it, plans to achieve strategy, the right tools to achieve the plan, performance indicators to see if you’re being successful in your plan and communication... we have none of this and our friends across the city did, Norwich did, Leeds and Swansea have...Simple as that. It’s poo and will remain so.
  16. 6 subs 2 injuries and only 4 mins injury time woulda been 8 in championship! Kiel would’ve probably scored if it went on much longer, got to love refs abroad I bet Jos does!
  17. I’ll never be happy but my therapist is working on it.. thanks for your concern
  18. 26-1 on skybet as dotty would say... Lump on!
  19. He’s got managerial and coaching experience, he knows English footy, knows the club, fans will be inspired, he’s Sweden u21s manager plays good football won 9 of 14 matches, what’s not to like? Get him in!
  20. it’ll be the last we see of him. I’ll never forget his performance vs pigs in our 2-4 humiliation
  21. We’d certainly be one step ahead of neighbours for once if we did go for it. And I’m not just thinking about them locked in to inner city S2.
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