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  1. Or at least on the phone to my agent to tout me
  2. I think people have hit the nail on the head, it’s becoming clear theres something not right in that squad, a manager says those things publicly in 2 circumstances, 1 he’s new and has carte blanch to do what he likes or 2 when he’s lost the dressing room. Well no1 is out the window Maybe Jos highlighted where the problems were?
  3. That sounds like someone who’s saying I told you so to his employer!
  4. You can’t get rid of players nobody wants. i fear for us this season points deduction or not and to be honest I had a nagging in the back of my mind about Slipping down to a relegation fight when we went 3rd!! No matter what 11 we put out the same issues will be there, we are unbalanced, slow, clueless, mentally fragile and without fight. Happy days again
  5. The team have just arrived at st Pancras just got off the train Loads I don’t recognise, monk, bullen, hutch, big Dave, fox, Murphy was about it. Unless others are traveling a different way
  6. The club is very stale and the fans are too, the ones old enough to remember the good times are fed up and the ones who have never seen it have given up.
  7. If that’s a red card and not rescinded then roll up football and put it away in the back of the cupboard The red didn’t kill us but the nature of the 2nd goal soon after def did, we dropped and they thought it’s our day let’s go for it. After that it was our players heads were scrambled. The worst thing for me was the 4th yet again we can’t defend a corner!
  8. I tend to agree. He must be showing something in training for him to be making the palace bench, but he needs games and time and his injury record worries me. But I would add to that he will be committed to the cause (because of his history with us and his in-laws), unlike a lot of loan signings.
  9. I’m sick to death of the bad luck/heartache we get it’s beyond a joke
  10. My son simply said to me as we walked out “I don’t want to come here again this season dad” I don’t blame him, for most of us the last 2 games were an inevitability after the surrender at Stoke
  11. The only positive is we don’t have to play Stoke again
  12. For that to happen the number of times it has this season is no accident, it’s a fatal flaw that needed sorting. Gutted tonight, you simply can’t do that to the bottom of the league esp with points deduction coming.
  13. I’m sure Dom will be all over this story like a rash, in-depth interview with DC on its way, all in the star tomorrow
  14. Taking the Alan Sugar route... good on him
  15. It truly is a farce, generation of kids will turn their back on, if not the game certainly going to it
  16. Accounting Standards are not laws though. If we are breaking laws then I have to ask why a firm of auditors present and sign the accounts off. In fact if the practices used are not meeting accountancy standards and/or wilfully breaking the law of the land then it seems to be a silly thing to do on their behalf. If we are breaking laws I’m pretty sure the SFO would be knocking on doors and hauling us infront of a court? Has the sale gone through or not? is it registered with the land registry meaning it’s legally done? The EFL statement doesn’t say anything about their not being a sale they are concerned with process. So until we are under a police caution and being investigated by the SFO I cannot agree that we have broken any laws.
  17. The HUGE difference is that those clubs were either skint, going through boardroom turmoil, not paying the taxman and/or players or all 3, we most definitely are not like those clubs, that’s my real issue of this, we are not being asset stripped, not insolvent, not breaking the law.
  18. We pay wages & tax on time and in full every month, that’s a well run business surely and something other clubs don’t do on a regular basis and they face no sanctions. The FFP rules are the problem they are a restriction of trade & make no sense in the champ where Prem league finances have such an influence. The EFL are damaging their own product now THAT is a badly run business.
  19. The manager says what players he wants, DC just trusted his manager and paid. It nearly worked so his point of reference was to keep going and it will work eventually and he wanted to make us happy. Naive yes, corrupt no
  20. The EFL signed off the accounts! Let’s not lose sight of this fact.
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