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  1. IMO you are right, they are gathering individuals or groups together and that is why it is complicated and time consuming, many different lawyers and in another country, seems obvious to me.
  2. The only one of them that means anything is villa and that took almost a year and that was just one man buying from another man. The others are either completely ridiculas comparisons ffs ask Portsmouth and qpr fans what they think at the moment, as for forest they are being financed by a wealthy fan voted onto the board and Southampton were bought out the disaster of admin. If your going to persist in your negative posting use some common sense arguments.
  3. Arrrgh - Day off and promised missus to take her to meadowhall! *Logs on later to find an Owlstalk SH*TSTORM
  4. IF this is in the YP tomorrow I think it requires some kind of response from the club via the website. We shall see.
  5. I worry we don't have the players to change it! I get very annoyed how some teams always score late and we never do. Man u just done it again, what do they do differently?
  6. Robbie savage more or less said this was how they knew how to beat us
  7. Have a good Thursday. Bloody buggery that's going to keep me awake tonight! Saturday will see what they are made of sadly I think we know the answer! Here's hoping I'm wrong.
  8. How big a 45mins is this in the grand scheme of things? If we can get something from this it should set us up for a good end to season.
  9. Been nervous bout this game since Sunday, come on boys battle
  10. Mick What is your outstanding memory of your time at Wednesday? What was the funniest thing that happend during your time here? Who was the best player you played with at Wednesday and who did you yourself admire? I remember you used to come out of the tunnel at 100mph, What did you do pre match to get yourself so psyched up? Thanks for the memories and good luck out there in Oz.
  11. Was going to post something in the wednesdayite section to ask If there was any money in the player fund to help extend his loan, AI mentioned that finance was an issue.
  12. That's the phrase 'more professional' just what has been going on! I'd love to know what AI was writing in his book!
  13. Was any one else impressed with the structured session the subs were put through by the coach, attention to detail, I love it!
  14. All 3 had there best games for quite a while, but still could do better! ( I'm never satisfied!) purse needs to time his headers better he slays seems to be on way down whn he heads it.
  15. My initial thought was clarkes looked over. I'll need to look at a replay though
  16. I thought it was going to happen! Thank flip for that, we need to learn to kill teams off but as AI said we are just starting on that journey. I thought we were great 1st half but faded in 2nd and got very nervous, understandably. It's still only the beginning and the real test will be when we go behind in a game. great result
  17. Can't believe how nervous I am today this game is massive! Probably be a tight affair and they will put us through the mill as normal. But one day we will hammer someone let's hope it's today. UTO
  18. If it hasnt cost us much then fine, he will fit straight in, no getting to know other players etc, its another option if we need to change things. But as Arthur says - Meh!
  19. Now come on thats not fair on those of us in the south stand - I would ask them to fetch my slippers first! Premium experience
  20. Oh ffs so flippingwhat, so some potential investors have decided now is not the time, and this changes what? Nothing. The sun will come up tomorrow, the traffic will be poo poo, eastenders will be depressing, united will still be pigs, we will have no transfer money, life goes on. It's about what happens on the pitch and trusting the new management team to steer a course through these difficult times. I do.
  21. We just can't keep a clean sheet! Nevermind great win 3 league games without defeat
  22. We just can't keep a clean sheet! Nevermind great win 3 league games without defeat
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