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  1. It was never going to happen (it will eventually) and you can bet your life that deals have been done so these clubs get more money from uefa. So in this country it’s Back to status quo where the rich get richer and everyone else gets more and more into debt tying to be with them. The only ones relived tonight are the premier league and sky sports, who are all over this like a rash. The game is gone.
  2. That’s what will happen it was always the plan. Maximise maximise maximise
  3. Global Franchise football has been coming, it’s just an inevitability, I’m hoping that this will mean that the domestic competition gets back to a level playing field, where money dreams of premier league riches are gone and players salaries are more realistic. Bring in salary caps, bring in rules of number of English/young players per teams. Let’s have a proper competition!
  4. He is the owner, the chairman, the leader of the organisation, It’s his fault and his fault alone, he will never see that or ever accept it, That's why we will be in this mess for a long time to come.
  5. Never a 4-1 game, shocking decision by ref to not give the pen, anywhere else on pitch he gives a foul and bloke gets a card, but thats what happens to teams at bottom. my main gripe is where was this fight and effort all season!
  6. My hatred of Brentford reaches a new level
  7. My mum just rung to make sure I was watching, she was asking questions about why it’s 5-0 and I was actually lost for words.
  8. He’s ‘entitled’ through his family, feels he will only ever be a success, doesn’t understand being questioned, sees it as disrespectful. Got into something due to wanting to please his son. The worse it gets the more isolated and entrenched he becomes. Not good is it
  9. Agree zero confidence and they too must be just waiting for it to unravel. No team spirit, no leaders, confused minds, not a mix that wins you games. It shows up in games they know they must/should win, it was no surprise they played well v Norwich (less pressure/expectation) and crap tonight. It’s not a quick fix unfortunately.
  10. I don’t anymore and I’ve muted all swfc follows on Twitter. It’s very cathartic! I pop on here to see the inevitable threads and see how we’ve done.
  11. it’s about the only thing I have been consistent on
  12. Don’t understand why he’s still here
  13. £5m the biggest waste of money I’ve ever seen. Never been a fan since day he joined
  14. Any normal player first thought would have been to look up and square the ball in 89th minute to a player on his own in front of goal. He didn’t he’s rubbish
  15. Huge role to play.... in reducing our debt when gone
  16. It maybe comes down to whether we are ok with ffp, you never know with DC, we could go on a spending spree.
  17. This. our predicament was baked in the moment forestieri missed the pen. We need to support Moore not slag him. Let him find his way, let him instruct players to play the way he wants, let him make daft substitutions, it really doesn’t matter. The season is gone. Moore is not the problem.
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