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  1. I’ve heard we’ve won 3-0 today
  2. As a kid I just idolised him, I was too young to understand what he was doing to revitalise us but He was the reason swfc became a religion to me.
  3. Be interesting to see what happens if he scores a goal. Could be a real boost to his confidence and he kicks on. He also needs to get some decent studs in his boots, he’s like bambi!
  4. With most of them playing each other In coming games I think we are fine.
  5. We are so close to it clicking, but we make silly errors but that’s why we’re mid table. i can see us giving someone a hiding before the end of the season, because it will click at some point.
  6. Sick of dominating and not scoring then losing
  7. Yep, with Wigan’s deduction and us not having one (if rumour is true) All of them have to win all their remaining games or 4 out of last 5 at least to go past us if we lose every game. with Barnsley v Luton and Barnsley v Wigan to come next week we look ok now. in fact most of those below us are playing each other in coming games so that helps even more. I cant see us losing all 6 games anyway. (Famous last words) 🙄
  8. It didn’t even hit his arm!!! What the hell is this game becoming?! What in the world is the bloke seeing on the screen?! In Germany they look once and if it’s not obvious then that’s that.
  9. They way Wigan have been playing they could get out of it quite easily esp with goal diff. Take hit now is the right way to go.
  10. Good performance and ground it out as well which is a good sign, plenty of positives, midfield is starting to own games and whickham is looking hungry. only negatives is we still need 2 goals to win a game and defending set pieces is heart in mouth stuff.
  11. What a surprise big dave has signed not arguing with those being released
  12. How many points from safety will we be by kick off on Sunday?
  13. You’re right His decision making is why he plies his trade in mid table championship, He will never be in a promotion chasing team.
  14. If we are to truly move forward we need a complete break from the playoff failures, it’s a goodbye from me.
  15. Yep there needs to be either a rule that’s says what they can be spent on (eg Not incoming players salaries/fees or extending contracts) OR a system where they are not required.
  16. Knowing our luck we’ll go on the longest winning run in our history finish 5th and get a 30 point deduction and go down!
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