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  1. Mansfield when Andy Mchulloch chested in his 100th league goal, back end of 70s? Can’t remember exactly
  2. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/march/club-statement-2032020/
  3. I’ll add FF Odubajo Nuihu and Murphy in fact all those on loan have no natural loyalty to the cause and will naturally hide from this situation. I imagine wildsmith is peed off too and not afraid to show it.
  4. The day we sold everything to Milan was the day fans lost a say, the owner owns everything, literally everything now, he decides what happens, end of. He could stay or sell to whoever he wants to, just like at Bury, we have no say. Time to choose how to spend your Saturdays.
  5. We defended well, but city played at 70% and our passing was woeful and that’s a basic.
  6. So Basically we are f00ked. when Milan sold us it was always the nagging fear that we had sold our soul to the devil and now were at the mercy of chancers and egomaniacs, it looked, at first, we’d fell on our feet, we haven’t, and now ‘we’ are stuck with what we’ve got. The joy of modern British football... a joke that nobody can do anything about. Portsmouth no:2 I fear.
  7. He was past it at end of 2017/18 season
  8. Iorfa was much better at right back when he came. I’ve lost confidence in him at CB in fact I’ve lost confidence all 3. It’s here we should’ve strengthened in Jan not all our eggs up front.
  9. I’ve been thinking (worrying) about this since we were charged. I didn’t get too high when we went 3rd but at least I thought then we’d be ok, now I’ve gone full on we are going down, we are in free fall, devoid of any clue, players are shirking, the loan signings are no help, the manager has lost the plot. An unbelievable mess. 3 years ago were bouncing now we are drowning. I’m done with this poo !
  10. He’s been league 1 standard for two seasons. One of the many that needed to be gone after the play off semi defeat.
  11. Wigan picked up 5 points on us in a week, the points deduction will put us in great peril. Even without it we are falling rapidly down the table. We play the other two bottom 3 teams next and our form suggests we will struggle. We needed players to protect us, what a situation to be in.
  12. No midfield incomings yet again - not good Windass - can’t get in Wigan side Wickham - I’m delighted with. Dutch lad - is a total unknown
  13. Or at least on the phone to my agent to tout me
  14. I think people have hit the nail on the head, it’s becoming clear theres something not right in that squad, a manager says those things publicly in 2 circumstances, 1 he’s new and has carte blanch to do what he likes or 2 when he’s lost the dressing room. Well no1 is out the window Maybe Jos highlighted where the problems were?
  15. That sounds like someone who’s saying I told you so to his employer!
  16. You can’t get rid of players nobody wants. i fear for us this season points deduction or not and to be honest I had a nagging in the back of my mind about Slipping down to a relegation fight when we went 3rd!! No matter what 11 we put out the same issues will be there, we are unbalanced, slow, clueless, mentally fragile and without fight. Happy days again
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