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  1. Because I was in young owls I was ball boy last game of season v Crystal Palace May 83 I think nil nil . Massive thunderstorm absolutely soaked, you were given a blue tracksuit top that weighed a ton after it got wet! I was ball boy corner of south stand and Kop, only touched ball twice! We were taken down the tunnel just before end as likely pitch invasion, I got pat heard’s shirt when players came running in. I was also ball boy for reserve game when they tried the first electronic scoreboard for first time, me and one other lad stood on the Kop all on our own!
  2. I agree about our best 11 not being clear, I’m going to give moore some slack by saying with all the changes we’ve had and the last two seasons of ineptitude I don’t think any club would know after 11 games what their best 11 is or have a settled style of play as that only comes with time and a core of a squad and we haven’t got that yet. But after at least 15 games (a third of the season) it should be coherent and relatively settled. I’m more worried about the lack of energy across the team given the reduction in age of team, that should be a minimum. Im also hoping that win will be a release of pressure which I’m sure they were feeling.
  3. Having reflected over a wine or 3, I can see glimmers of good stuff starting to appear, the movement and passing in that first 20 mins was very good at times, Shrewsbury were really hanging on, so some positives are there, we do have to battle more when poo happens and not panic, easier said than done, many are quite inexperienced and a crowd baying for blood. I am worried about next two games though I don’t think this team are hard enough to battle to win at Ipswich and Wigan
  4. Too many options that’s the problem. we need a set 11 that all know their jobs. I can’t believe I’m still saying this it’s been same for last 3-4 years. As it’s going, yes Ipswich will be tough Darren, it’ll be another away defeat and we’ll be going again to Wigan for another defeat after that!
  5. Yep. But the miss changed the game completely. They got confidence we got frustrated and our flow stopped dead.
  6. Bannan misses pen and that was end of that. To miss the target is unforgivable, as an experienced pro you should know that you score that and the game is yours, smash it down the middle man! That game was all down to the penalty
  7. Other than BPF I’ve not been really impressed with anyone, If I’m honest. I think they have some potential as a team which is a huge step up from last season, but that potential is some way off and the patience of the fan base will run out before we see it. My fear is that The loan players (we have a lot) will just hide away when that happens and we are back to square one In Feb/March with a unhappy core of players. I really hope that doesn’t happen the next few games are unbelievably important
  8. That’s what I thought at half time…. Two weeks of hard work and bonding Moore said and that was the result…embarrassing
  9. Never bought into the promotion bus. This team is not solid enough, creative enough or streetwise enough.
  10. If he’s a changed man, then fine, but that’s a big big IF. Very sceptical about this.
  11. I just hope it’s a contract that means he goes in Jan if it proves a waste of time. Because I’m sure he’ll be fully up for it and raring to go when he’s running out at Fleetwood, Accrington, Crewe and gillingham.
  12. It’s league 1 refs I expect useless and usually we get worse. we might as well have a pinned ‘how poo was the ref ‘ thread this season.
  13. That’s what I used call my ex wife
  14. No idea where a goal will come from, not impressed
  15. We are not physical enough for this league can’t see where goals will come from
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