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  1. Just had a tenner on stendal kfa about him really but seems decent value and a DC type appointment
  2. If he’s turned down the opportunity then I’d say his heart is very much in it
  3. Today he is our manager, the manager who with his coaching team turned our season around last term. You support him today, end of.
  4. That’s what sky bloke said yesterday, he’s not going to make the China flight so no rush. That’s why he’s at training it’s his job! get team ready for game, make final instructions leave on Sunday
  5. The argument that he’s got enough money doesn’t wash for me. People with money can never have enough money, it’s what they measure themselves against, that’s why Sunday Times compiles the Rich list they know it’s not us ordinary folk who are interested. I know it’s cynical but for me Bruce is going for more money, no other reason, he knows it’s his last job, his next chance to measure his wealth against his mates. I get it, It’s complete b0llicks but I get it.
  6. They are Probably putting it out there to gauge reaction from fans. I think he would go as he’s said he’s one last job in him and why not his home club. I would if I was in his position and swfc came calling. We need to get great compo tho
  7. I was in a hotel at Heathrow airport watching and waiting for CEEFAX to update Kids today don’t know they’re born!
  8. We’ll either be 3 up or 3 down after 30 mins with that team!
  9. he’s decided it’s better to remain
  10. If the new manager was only available on 1st Feb then that’s when the new regime starts, you don’t do it in stages, it’s not been done before as far as I know and that’s probably for a very good reason. Over Xmas the players fans club banded together under someone we all knew we looked full of energy and damn unlucky not to win every game! now......Players fans club are in a month of limbo, new faces, new voices, it’s unsettling and today and last week show it. Typical Wednesday yet again
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