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  1. After he was appointed people were saying if we lose and he goes for it then that’s what we want. He does it we lose people go mad.
  2. Can’t argue with that. I hope he has learned something and it builds his plan. We can’t afford to lose another manager before he can get going. This manager needs to get a good run at it. People need to calm their jets he is not the problem and at the moment our only hope. Support him
  3. You are embarrassing yourselves nobody else. This will define your career i
  4. Did people really expect anything else?! This is the team that in over a year has collapsed had points deducted and literally can’t play.
  5. the next series of the apprentice has taken a new turn
  6. The last 21 years has drained what passion there was
  7. It’s very simple..Every organisation needs leadership , structure, a strategy, a plan, culture and values... this organisation has none, so will fail and continue to fail until it changes or dies. I can’t see a change coming anytime soon.
  8. The fact is the moment the trust handed their shares to him and he became owner we were on the scary ownership merry go round. As fans we can do absolutely nothing unless one of us has £300m spare.. Neil?
  9. We are in this mess because Milan sold us to a Mr no idea and he knew about football! This bloke will probably sell us to Gerald Ratner
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