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  1. he’s decided it’s better to remain
  2. If the new manager was only available on 1st Feb then that’s when the new regime starts, you don’t do it in stages, it’s not been done before as far as I know and that’s probably for a very good reason. Over Xmas the players fans club banded together under someone we all knew we looked full of energy and damn unlucky not to win every game! now......Players fans club are in a month of limbo, new faces, new voices, it’s unsettling and today and last week show it. Typical Wednesday yet again
  3. If he’s in Sheffield today with DC I would have thought/hope tomorrow
  4. Has a meeting with McCabe and the Poundland prince scheduled to get his final instructions
  5. If Carlos comes back this club is a bigger shambles than brexit
  6. The main issue for me is it starts too early at this stage teams are just feeling their way and won’t commit to anything but league games. Prem teams really don’t care but the comp and EFL need them, this apathy then filters down. Not sure what the answer is but I never agreed with final moving from April.
  7. Boyd was pretty much non existent, Jones tried hard to be the midfielder general and gave it a go but he’s just not good enough , his corners were terrible. Fox tried really hard first half but got steadily worse. Fact is All 3 are not what we need.
  8. God look at it.. just look at it... what is that.. Jesus h Christ what a long time 2 years is in football
  9. Everyone was screaming for 3 at the back last season. It worked too straight away vs pigs away. The players can play it, they’ve proved it, but our key spine players are another year older and now carrying huge expectation and can’t handle it. what a mess
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