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  1. Not bothered about ‘football’ anymore that’s for sure. The game is broken, no competition, it’s pretty boring to watch now to be honest. Stop start, constant falling over, crap refs, bonkers rule changes.
  2. FFP is a rule that hurts the Efl not help it. I agree with the Derby fan the punishment should lie with the directors/owners not the football club. But the EFL are useless and owners have the vote and would never vote for this. The PL teams have fully protected themselves and hold all the power. Promotion places are now a closed shop for relegated teams which was always the PL want. Its why I was happy for them teams to go to ESL, with them gone it forces the FA hand and it was the only way that domestic football was ever going to change. That won’t happen now so back to status quo,
  3. This is true. He is unfortunately not the type of person who will accept his failings and change. He’s like the captain of the titanic bravely staying at the helm until the bitter end hoping for , believing he is the one to find a way to succeed. All the while it’s was his fault the boat was sinking in the first place. losing £1.5m a month before relegation!! Jesus wept we are dead.
  4. Well that was obvious….Wednesday will always find the most heartbreaking way….. 95 min derby equaliser coming from a backpass going through Westwood legs here we come!
  5. It was never going to happen (it will eventually) and you can bet your life that deals have been done so these clubs get more money from uefa. So in this country it’s Back to status quo where the rich get richer and everyone else gets more and more into debt tying to be with them. The only ones relived tonight are the premier league and sky sports, who are all over this like a rash. The game is gone.
  6. That’s what will happen it was always the plan. Maximise maximise maximise
  7. Global Franchise football has been coming, it’s just an inevitability, I’m hoping that this will mean that the domestic competition gets back to a level playing field, where money dreams of premier league riches are gone and players salaries are more realistic. Bring in salary caps, bring in rules of number of English/young players per teams. Let’s have a proper competition!
  8. He is the owner, the chairman, the leader of the organisation, It’s his fault and his fault alone, he will never see that or ever accept it, That's why we will be in this mess for a long time to come.
  9. Never a 4-1 game, shocking decision by ref to not give the pen, anywhere else on pitch he gives a foul and bloke gets a card, but thats what happens to teams at bottom. my main gripe is where was this fight and effort all season!
  10. My hatred of Brentford reaches a new level
  11. My mum just rung to make sure I was watching, she was asking questions about why it’s 5-0 and I was actually lost for words.
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