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  1. Almen Abdi

    Write him off and claim on the insurance, especially for his painfully, cringey yet enjoyable tweets. Shambles of a signing
  2. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    I have to say this whole thread is like Primary school - assumed grown men wandering round in cliques when someone's opinion differs or the thread breaks some unwritten rule... pathetic. He has every right to call people out, as he'll undoubtably get called out if Brentford take a point or more tomorrow.
  3. Is that Wim Jonk via an aging simulation Facebook App? I feel old.
  4. does anyone know

    This was the lowlight of an exceptionally low night - and yes, we looked better with changes BUT, as someone said, against a team who were in "job done" mode. Barring Rhodes goals, glimmers from the subs, we're all being quite positive picking slim positives from a disasterous evening - I've said for a long time we were due a battering (goals, not possession/shots on target) and for 65 minutes on Tuesday, it all came home to roost. CC HAS to go.
  5. Lost on this one. How can you judge the size of a reaction and when are we "allowed" to be totally done with the current set up? Can you send me the reaction scales and I'll ensure it's equal and opposite in future :)
  6. You're passive aggressive
  7. Total waffle. Tonight was beyond unacceptable. The last straw was a long time ago and now we're close to disarray. Fulham was a huge papering over cracks
  8. Season Review Videos

    Anyone know if this channel still works?! Would like 92/93
  9. Attendance?

    Very good, looked not many QPR
  10. Attendance?

    Not seen it, any good?
  11. Why Carlos has to go

    This 1 billion times over
  12. A trip

    I'll assume you're right about clean sheets as I'd thought people were conveniently including play offs this year. You've presented two facts about points and position and I've represented facts around falling a further game short. I'd be convinced there are facts that would help my point around goals/attacks/shots as there probably would be in favour of defensive improvements. But.... we've made 1 signing, we've had 6 shots in 390 minutes of football, we were beaten by an out of form Huddersfield and have not moved forward in terms of style, team selection or plan B, which in this league IS going backwards when you're replicating performances which disappointed the majority of fans. Most of our victories last season were by a goal margin and several were last minute robberies. Off the pitch we've flopped with marketing of lucrative merchandise and persisted to wind up fans. We've spent up and are stuffed with FFP as we've blown money on fees and salaries of people who don't get in the squad (due to the managers apparent my way/highway and favouritism), improved immensely the top 3rd of the team whilst the bottom two thirds suffer and worsten, including not having sufficient personal in the key position of CB. So yeah, bit ming. Its an early enough and bold enough opportunity to turn it all around.
  13. Let's just clear this up...

    Exactly that pal! Interestingly, when I questioned the manager 6 or so months ago, my reputation score dropped through the floor, now reality sinks in further, the green shoots are appearing. I really really like Carlos and he's been a breath of fresh air, but this past 12 months have seen a consistent decline in his performance at Hillsborough, and for that reason, I'm out.