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  1. This is awful!! Hope he makes a speedy recovery
  2. And that was his car number plate ....
  3. Lost one of our own today- in Brisbane. Mark Hattersley died aged 51 of Myesthenia Gravis. Couldn’t get back to see his beloved Wednesday. RIP WAWAW
  4. Hmmm.... I've got three and obviously missed two! Are there still links to get these? Ours are framed on the wall too .
  5. Video trim.824FA8A6-145D-4DC3-9128-C8D3718359A9.MOV
  6. I'm actually optimistic.... And holding my head up with the local West Ham fans... And the odd Arsenal mate! Bring on Oct 27th
  7. Wasn't given the manager post.. How would he have coped to stay on as head coach if another manager was brought in! Was always inevitable. Shame he had to leave, but having been in control for so long, was hard to see him falling back into support. Did really well though. Good luck Stuart
  8. I spent New Year in Potters, Lowestoft this year, and it was full of West Ham fans, with a lot of banter between the Spurs, Arsenal and hammers kids.... Then a ltitle kid of 4 or so came up on stage with a United kit on and said he was a fan. My son and I instantly booed..... The only people in the place that did. My son then insisted on walking round for the rest of the weekend in his Wednesday kit, casually humming 'this city is ours' whenever he spotted this poor little lad and his dad..... sad but fun!
  9. How do the sizes come up? 11 year old....? Youth XML or small adult?
  10. Love it Trev! Ordered ours..... Other one has pride of place in kids den
  11. Owls earrings and belly button bar, haven't taken it out all season.... Not sure that is the best omen....
  12. It is my birthday tomorrow, so we HAVE to win. Would be nice to have a really exciting one!!!!
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