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  1. I've sent him a message on Facebook as he's a friend of mine so I'm hoping he gets it soon, lost his number or I would have phoned. He does actually work at the Toyota dealer on Penistone Road if it's possible to take it there.
  2. To be fair villa have been hovering over the trap door for a few good seasons now and the likes of micha Richards haven't made it any better. Didn't Ron Atkinson once describe him as lazy
  3. Got to be bullocks anyway because it's showing a fixture on new years Eve. Can't ever remember this happening
  4. Let's not get down about this, we should be fired up for this game. LETS AV IT
  5. Jordan rhodes left team hotel for talks with #boro
  6. https://twitter.com/ITKCentre/status/689901320120180736?s=09
  7. Thought his mix was all to wee wee tail today 😉
  8. What is the full list of loan players. Fuzzy head this morning and really can't think 😕
  9. Newcastle took mcclaren from Derby. Not so long back
  10. If we reach the premier and he's still with us I believe he could be in for a England call up
  11. Going off topic but how long is he liable to be out for.....If at all, has anyone heard owt?
  12. Am I missing something here cus I thought Hooper went to Fulham......I take it, it fell through?
  13. It's now playing on radio sheffield........is it a sign that today's the day?.........yeah I'm bored *Ho not how
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