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  1. If I have booked 4 tickets for each game on one client ID do I only get priority points for my ID? If family also have ID's but tickets have always been booked on one ID, even though they have been to many games, will they not get any priority points?
  2. afletcher

    Steel city derby internet stream

    To be fair royalowlisback, thats not necessarily true. Some streams are available from various betting companies - it doesnt have be on TV anywhere. Check the usual suggested sites Blueowl121, you may drop on, although av ad a quick look and cant see it on the usual sites.
  3. afletcher

    Sun team of the week

    Spadge, av just watched Yeovil highlights on Wednedsay Player and even bloke on there says it Otsemebor when Bostock has that free kick!! Useless
  4. afletcher

    Wednesday Player

    Yes HE has and no I dont. First and last post you set of cants.
  5. Is there any footage of the press conference for non Wednesday Player subscribers? If not thats a disgrace! New manager comes in and season ticket holders who have been going for years cannot watch his press conference unless they pay extra for WP?? Plain wrong.