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  1. Just a shame that he couldn't get his squad to play football for him. Jones showed him how though.
  2. We're crapp when he plays and crapp when he doesn't play. Glad we cleared that up.
  3. What's all this highlighting usernames about?
  4. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/287079-carlos-on-talksport/#comments
  5. Such a well reasoned argument. You win. Yep ok.
  6. It probably speaks to how much interest we should take in your current opinion that we need to 'kick rest out in summer'.
  7. Is he any good? Who's he play for?
  8. That's not Peter Shirtliffe (sic). Hope that helps.
  9. Oh, hello mum. I was just thinking about you.
  10. I hope he's going to pay for that broken window.
  11. When he starts following Messi, you'll know you're being trolled.
  12. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/287204-troy-parrott/
  13. He hasn't. That's Alessio Da Cruz you daft racist.
  14. Ridiculous. Why would anybody play a gerbil up front when we need more bite in midfield?
  15. We wouldn't be able to field a 5-a-side team.
  16. Anybody reckon we'll get into double figures for possession percentage? Wonder what the record low is.
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