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  1. It won't affect us. Season tickets are paid for whether people turn up or not and we're not getting any POTG supporters at those prices. Judging by the amount of complaints regarding In house catering, nobody uses it, right? We might miss out on a few 3 quid program sales.
  2. That should help his promotion to the first team....playing football without getting on the ball. He'll fit right in.
  3. What if he uses the pen to draw a big line through it with the words 'no f'cking chance'?
  4. People ask this every week...usually about Nuhiu. Can you really not see who's voted? Lord Snooty, by the way.
  5. wtf? Somebody else must have changed it after I did. I won't expect an apology from a diick 'ed like you.
  6. It will make the difference between them being available for selection or not. Seriously.
  7. How many monks are we talking about here and why would we care that they're going nowhere?
  8. I'm glad you cleared that up, I thought he was talking about us.
  9. Not a caption...but has anybody noticed No. 2's tallywhacker? No, me neither. It looks like one of their lads is getting ready to receive it too.
  10. Balloon a sitter over the bar and it doesn't count as a shot on target...still should have scored. Disclaimer for the pedantic: This is, of course, one example of what could happen and not a comment on what actually happened.
  11. Is that one of them goal thingies? What do we do now?
  12. Why is everybody talking about the pigs? Fooook off.
  13. Thought it said Reach, a cad. You don't hear insults like that anymore.
  14. Wednesday haven't won a game since I got knocked out in the first round (betting against them). If this game goes on any longer we'll be in the relegation zone.
  15. Sorry, missed this response...still none the wiser.
  16. No. I'm not sure where that is so I can't even tell you if I've ever been there. Did anybody figure out who the foook he (can`t remember his name and can`t be arrsed to go back to the op) is yet?
  17. Go on then I'll ask. Who the foook is James Martin?
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