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  1. You're right. That nostalgia just aint what it used to be.
  2. I can't see that bringing the crowds back to be honest. They can boo him from the comfort of their armchairs.
  3. Can anybody get tokens for the Manchester bus? Or would that not be the right protocol?
  4. Not really.Montreal: 45 Degrees, 31 Minutes North.Sheffield: 53 Degrees, 23 Minutes North.Southerner.
  5. Can't argue with the last part. A few pints of Magnet after the match always went down well. I think we went there because they opened earlier on a Saturday evening - long before all day drinking obviously.
  6. Wicked. I lived on Wharfedale, just up the road from the Bridge Inn - my parents still do. Wharncliffe Arms was my local though.
  7. Never been to Thunder Bay so can't comment. We recruit a lot of people from a Uni in Thunder Bay (not sure which one or how many they have). Mostly Engineering Planners/Schedulers. Seems to have a good reputation. I guess you won't be graduating from there if it's only an exchange. I hope you're ready for the snow and bitterly cold weather. When I say things like that the Canadians call me an Aussie. :bigemo_harabe_net-89: Do I look like a bleedin' convict?
  8. Where are you studying Nutters? My wife is in her final year at Dalhousie and my eldest daughter is in her 3rd year at St Mary's (both in Halifax, NS). I hear you. We had the big dinner and booze yesterday also. So today is a good day to not be at work.
  9. To all you Canadians. Hope you are enjoying your day off work - I know I am.Our Thanksgiving is a month before the American's but why do we have one anyway? I'm told that the Yanks celebrate the feeding of the starving pilgrims by the Native Americans i.e. they give thanks. But why do we do it? I asked around at work and nobody seemed to know.Any ideas?
  10. A week too early for me. I'm heading to New York on the 29th. That would have been awesome - bugger!
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