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  1. I'm calling fake. We didn't wear that shirt in the cup final.
  2. Agreed. If we can find one with Steve McCall smiling/celebrating, that would be pretty rare.
  3. Are they just expecting Mr. Chansiri to give them some shares or, if they have the required funds, sell them some? Why would he do that?
  4. I thought I laid this on a plate for somebody but nobody picked up on it. Gi' chairs back innit.
  5. Have any of these long-standing Wednesday fans tried sitting down?
  6. The League Cup game (2-2) against Liverpool in 1984 was pretty special. Almost 50,000 there.
  7. Getting hammered every week has certainly cut down on the 'points lost near the end of the game' statistic.
  8. Please don't try to influence my decision, I'm still thinking about my responses.
  9. Good grief. Lighten up. Why can't a Portuguese person say the word Wednesday?
  10. You could always try posting without the ranty swear words and bypassing the site swear filter. There's kids on here. Just a suggestion.
  11. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/288202-mr-chansiri-we-need-a-fans-forum/
  12. He did insult you first, yes. Hence my comment. However, your response was more abusive than just an insult. Either way, it's not helpful (again, not just aimed at you).
  13. To be fair, you lost the argument when you resorted to abusive comments. Lets try to have a debate without resorting to insults (not just aimed at you). Ta.
  14. Exactly. If you wanted to punish them you'd let them go to the game.
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