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  1. Yup. We went there about a month later (November) and lost 1-0, I think. I remember their song: He's only a poor little cockney. His clothes are all tattered and torn. He came for a fight. So we set him alight. And now he don't come anymore.
  2. If you can look at that clip again and see another lad wearing a light blue pringle climbing up the fence...that's me.
  3. This appears to be factually correct. I'm not sure that Owlstalk is the right place for you.
  4. You'd have thought somebody else might have mention it.
  5. I think he replaced Mellor, who was struggling by then, but was only a slight improvement. I think the boo boys thought he was a bit weak (hence the Bambi nickname).
  6. That crowd. Did they all exit via Leppings Lane?
  7. Me too. It was that busy I think it was the only place I could get in.
  8. He's in on it. They think it's a reyt laugh pushing AM as Owls, when they're all piggies. onik onik.
  9. Proven fake that mate. All piggies aren't they onik onik.
  10. Whoever it is, I hope he doesn't fall off that imaginary tightrope.
  11. Juan Cobian. After a long and illustrious career at SWFC, he moved back to Argentina and bought a vineyard with his identical twin brother Amal. Over the years, they've produced some of the world's finest white wines. I don't have a picture of them both but if you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal.
  12. We should have won that replay about 8-0. Battered 'em...or am I thinking of another game/having a seniors moment?
  13. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/288492-derby-v-wednesday-fa-cup-quarter-final-1993/
  14. Just checked Google Earth and they've already dug up one of the pitches.
  15. If anybody understands the question I'll be amazed.
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