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  1. Contract Issues

    Free prescriptions
  2. darnal supporters club when bronco had it
  3. Carlos interview

    OT but I prefer sagres
  4. Which areas are Wednesday

    Lots of us at Darnal in the late 70s early 80s. Sportsman. stanny arms, Cuttlers. woodburn pub were all full of owls
  5. iFollow

    Got the video in one browser and the commentary in another, working great
  6. Third division away days

    i went with the Darnall Owls from the Staniforth Arms, it was freezing and no heating on the coach so cold the windows were iced over.

    Great news, we've booked a room there for Saturday night .
  8. our lass cant go to meadowhall since they fitted the new ceiling ....result
  9. good pint and a good chippie next door
  10. QPR live streaming

    I'm sure thats on my open box...happy days.
  11. Season Tickets 17/18

    concession prices are really good value . anyone know what the criteria is to qualify for a disabled season ticket? i receive middle rate care DLA and lower rate for mobility will i qualify for one.