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  1. skytail

    Westwood “troll” tweet

    sf.co.uk used to be my domain i owned it for four years and the only reason i did so for three of them was because i felt i was being intimidated to hand it over. In the end i got fed up of the threats and let it go.
  2. skytail

    Bronco Layne

    And before that the staniforth arms
  3. I use an iptv sub, think its £30.00 for 6 months sub on a mag 256 box. it has all the ifollow games.
  4. skytail


  5. skytail


    Wheres pinders? two left now
  6. darnal supporters club when bronco had it
  7. skytail

    Carlos interview

    OT but I prefer sagres
  8. skytail

    Which areas are Wednesday

    Lots of us at Darnal in the late 70s early 80s. Sportsman. stanny arms, Cuttlers. woodburn pub were all full of owls
  9. skytail


    Got the video in one browser and the commentary in another, working great
  10. skytail

    Third division away days

    i went with the Darnall Owls from the Staniforth Arms, it was freezing and no heating on the coach so cold the windows were iced over.