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  1. I don't think he's necessarily lazy nor a bad passer, his big issue is concentration which at times is severely lacking and he gives the ball away when it's an extremely pass that's on, then the next moment he can slip a lovely through ball to someone. He just needs more games to grow and mature as a player, just not with us thanks.
  2. Best performance by him for a long, long time.
  3. Iorfa said himself he's a centre back forced to play at RB.
  4. Went for Palmer again but there's a number of candidates which is always a good sign.
  5. Personally never slagged off Reach (or any of our players come to that), think Reach is one of our better players, but he could definitely do with a couple of matches rest, he looked very off the pace against Stoke.
  6. We needed his pace on Saturday, would have been a different outcome IMO.
  7. Reach needs a rest IMO, I'd keep the back four as is, Lazaar at LW, Aarons when fit at RW.
  8. Two of mine were flawless throughout, one failed early on, one failed at half time. Good to have four subs!
  9. I did not, their customer support is severely lacking, this was a purchase for a single game as a tester to see if I'd get the full year, nope to that. People blocking ads = reduced ad revenues.
  10. You disable the ad-blocker and refresh and then it says you logged in twice and are blocked and miss the game trying to contact their customer support, that's why I gave up on "legit" iFollow a long time ago. IPTV FTW.
  11. Recording 4 IPTV feeds as we speak, so should hopefully have the game after the final whistle for anyone who wants it :)
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