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  1. Shame we didn't see more of him, if football ever returns I wonder if we have an agreement for a permanent in place, keeping himself fit whilst on lockdown: (his Dad's posting his times on his twitter!)
  2. Hasn't played for 3 weeks, clearly a waste of a loan, send him back.
  3. 2021? No chance, don't think we'll be fully over this by then.
  4. Sport is the least of our problems, as a people, not just as a country.
  5. Same, with instructions to flick Bannan's ears if he drops past the halfway line!
  6. You mean where China spent the better part of three weeks completely covering up the news which has allowed it to spread so far and wide, censoring any mention online, arresting a Doctor who tried to raise the alarm and threatening him (yeah he's the one who died of it aged 34), then shoving quarantined people into a badly constructed hotel which collapsed and killed at least a dozen people (and potentially spread the virus to first responders etc. etc.)
  7. He's gone from "can we send him back in January" and rightly so, to "do we have an agreement to sign him permanently" and rightly so!
  8. Lunogo seems to be unavailable more than Hutchinson since we signed him but no mention of him being repeatedly unavailable from Monk.
  9. If you'd read Twitter after Westwood's post you'd see that it hasn't put any rumours to bed in the slightest in fact it's fanned the flames of conspiracy theories on both sides.
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