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  1. Poor lad he should have at least 3 or 4 years left in the game, good servant for us, possibly a bit overrated by some but he was mostly solid with the odd fluff. Hope he has been sensible with his earnings and done some badges etc so he can slot into a new job without any post-playing career issues like a lot of ex-pros have.
  2. Diame looked decent in Newcastle's team last year, think he'd do well in the Championship for another year or two.
  3. Your friend must still be on dialup, was posted ages ago ;)
  4. Idiot post about an idiot player, clown, close thread, move on.
  5. How did you prove me wrong? I said "I don't remember ever seeing him go down when never even touched unlike Gayle.", I have only ever watched him play for us so I've never seen that video you gleefully dragged out from 5 years ago, so yeah well done you finding that one example in 5 years, Gayle dived 2-3 times minimum, every single game I've ever watched him play.
  6. You need to take your red and white ones off you silly boy.
  7. For those comparing Gayle and Forestieri, try actually watching both players, Gayle goes down under no contact whatsoever, Forestieri goes down occasionally under minimal contact, but there's always contact, I don't remember ever seeing him go down when never even touched unlike Gayle.
  8. Most blatant diving cunt in modern football, no thanks.
  9. I'm a Wednesday fan from Grimsby no longer in Grimsby, although I was there for 24 hours last week as I flew back to drop my Mum off from a visit and then flew out Saturday back to Spain, managed to squeeze in my first proper Fish and Chips in easily 5-6 years, so, so, so good!
  10. He's 31 but was often a bench player at Chelsea so I think there's less miles on his legs than a lot of players his age, and I don't remember much of an injury history.
  11. Odubajo is more than just a right back, he can play fullback on both sides, he can play on the wing on both sides, yes it was League 1 but in his younger days at Leyton Orient he scored 12 goals in a season (2013-2014). He's also very quick and comfortable with the ball attacking.
  12. More likely to sign Odubajo I reckon who's also been released and played under Bruce at Hull (and absolutely destroyed us with one of the best RB performances I've seen in years). He's someone I've been a big fan of for years, only 25, did have a serious knee injury which is why he left Hull but he seems recovered and played 37 times last year apparently for Brentford. According to Iorfa he's a CB and I think he's probably better suited to that role anyway, so he could be Hector's replacement there or maybe even a back three again, it's a good formation when you actually have 3 decent CB's with two of them being decently mobile and comfortable on the ball (imagine Hector and Iorfa either side of Lees, yes please!).
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