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  1. Defensively he's fairly decent and can be good at spotting danger, hence him filling in as an emergency centreback on the odd occasion and doing decent, he's also a decent crosser, his main issue is forward passing which he lacks confidence in, not helped by some of the utter clowns we have in our fanbase constantly giving him grief, the toxic atmosphere every time he had to turn back and pass backwards or square because there was nothing on was palpable all the way here in Spain, fans expect him to be able to make perfect Bannan passes whenever he looks up (Bannan is an awesome player IMO but even his passing isn't 100% perfect) Fox isn't that player, he's solid, dependable, doesn't deserve anything like the amount of stick he gets.
  2. No idea sorry, but I'm recording it from IPTV and can send you it after the final whistle?
  3. It worked ok for two games which we won, it mostly worked ok for the Millwall game besides an error at the back and things out of Bullen's control (poor finishing, poor choices).
  4. Other than the fact Bullen did take the time to explain why Forestieri wasn't in the squad you mean...
  5. Sky Red Button? No idea sorry I use IPTV not Sky itself.
  6. Been fairly solid this season, judge him when you've seen him play not on what 12 year olds say on Twitter.
  7. Different feeds, usually SD and not a great picture quality (at least the versions I've seen on IPTV at least).
  8. Wonder if he can up his game to a level he'll get "revenge" on us, not sure what his game is actually?
  9. Incorrect: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/10538909/sheffield-wednesdays-fernando-forestieri-issues-full-apology
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