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  1. The most banal chant ever, always associated with Stoke in the premier league for me.
  2. I have the full match as usual if anyone wants it :)
  3. Day before yesterday he was finished and should never start a match, this place! Some of his Bannan'esque passing yesterday was sublime, great performance and some crucial tackles.
  4. Or an ESPN+ account ;) Will grab it off there in the morning, can't be bothered to stay up late to watch us!
  5. Crazy! Kudos and admiration to every single one of you that bought a ticket and is going to the game, you awesome, awesome people!
  6. Never a red, if we appeal I'd imagine it will be rescinded.
  7. It also means our fullbacks can be a bit freer in attack to create 2v1's with the winger knowing there's a spare midfielder to cover the flanks if need be.
  8. Nice hand, can we see the other side please? :)
  9. Yes. Easier to break down teams when you're not 1-0 down after 20 minutes and doing it out of desperation (as a two man midfield can often result).
  10. That they ignored the immense performances of Iorfa, Borner, Fox and Urhoghide? That's the laughable and pathetic part, obviously.
  11. Moving players out that don't have an immediate future, makes sense.
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