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  1. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Big Hec

    In fairness if it were a home game he'd have been given a foul for their first goal, but he had to be stronger there IMO.
  2. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Not good enough

    Very poor performance but gives him the excuse now to change things up, you absolutely cannot change your defence (except for injuries/suspensions) when you've gone 4 clean sheets in a row and 8 in 12 etc. etc.
  3. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    Full match ready for anyone who wants it.
  4. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Big Hec

    He's looked barring solid the one or two lapses per game he hasn't been punished for, today he was punished for them (actually he escaped his worst mistake that horrific messed up attempted back pass that let them clean through in the first half).
  5. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    Since the bookies websites were stopped from broadcasting games it's pretty much impossible to find them.
  6. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    It's not televised, so no.
  7. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    Apparently people thought I was "hinting" I have a magic link, I don't, that's not how IPTV works, there is no live stream!
  8. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    Stop PM'ing me for a "link to the game" please.
  9. You got a link mate by any chance?

  10. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    Internet Protocol Television, basically it's watching television over the internet, simple as that really :)
  11. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    Yep I'll have it, recording from 4 sources, drop me a PM. If you send me a PM I'll send you links to the IPTV I recommend, I don't name them publicly for common sense reasons :)
  12. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    Free streams are never anything close to IPTV quality so I'll stick with that thanks :)
  13. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    I honestly have never met a free service I can recommend, as they say you get what you pay for!
  14. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁

    Streams for tomorrow

    It's not televised. IPTV/Ifollow is the answer.
  15. uɐıɹɐqɯıɹ⅁


    He's a much better player than his last couple of performances have shown, but yeah it's best to slag him off based no the last two performances, if things aren't going well we have to blame someone it's the Wednesday way...