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  1. Paul..'s post in live stream for tonight? was marked as the answer   
    There won't be one.
    No broadcast anywhere in the world = no live stream.
  2. Paul..'s post in Highlights, fan videos, etc was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately it's really hard to pause it at a point where the focus is good :(

  3. Paul..'s post in Astraweb was marked as the answer   
    It's been one of the worst Usenet servers to use for years, they were the first to adopt auto DMCA, ie if they receive a DMCA report the files are automatically removed immediately, no investigation to ensure the validity of the claim etc. etc. Gave up on them years ago, much better options around.
  4. Paul..'s post in Semedo-captain was marked as the answer   
    So article on SWFC last week interviewing Lees and him saying how proud he is to be captain etc. etc. then he's stripped of the captaincy? Strange decision on both counts!
  5. Paul..'s post in Scandal was marked as the answer   
    Keep watching it, there's a lot of depth to it in terms of backstory and it's surprisingly dark and gritty at times.

    Keep watching and you'll find out what that means ;)
  6. Paul..'s post in flashed/chipped xbox 360 was marked as the answer   
    Jungleflasher provide the tutorials and software you need to flash, you'll need to identify your DVD drive and then purchase the appropriate hardware to flash, probably something like this: http://mrmodchips.co.uk/catalog/team-xecuter-ck3i-p-840.html
    That said, it's probably cheaper just to get someone to mod it (hadn't realised how cheap it is):
    £14 + postage
    This site is very reliable: https://mrmodchips.co.uk/catalog/fitterfinder.php they have a service to help you find someone in your area who'd do the modding for you, worth checking out.
  7. Paul..'s post in Netflix US on XBox 360 was marked as the answer   
    That's probably it then it's probably been blocked/expired now, I'll PM you a list I have maybe it'll help as you're too cheap to pay ;)
  8. Paul..'s post in Banshee was marked as the answer   
    Am I really the only one watching this? Best new show of 2013 (early days obviously but it'll be hard to beat!) some of the fighting is absolutely brutal, think gay steroid abusing giant albino in prison!
    If you just want to see the fight scene here it is:
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