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  1. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu


    So they sent you an irrelevant copy and paste reply, basically the hallmarks of very bad customer support, was probably an auto-reply. Have you replied back as they requested with the club's name?
  2. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu


    Anyone complain to the club/efl/ifollow about the terrible glitchiness of the broadcast on Saturday? If so what'd you say and did you get a response? At least the Sunderland match will be in pristine HD: Looks like the whole world will be watching so we better not suck!
  3. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    If they scrap parachute payments

    Yes but the parachute money was irrelevant to them not going up, they would just have fallen further without it, although Blackpool's fall was pretty severe...
  4. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    If they scrap parachute payments

    Hull and Blackpool aren't good examples, their chairmen fell out with the fans and refused to spend any money, and I think Norwich had built up a fair bit of debt by the time of their last relegation (may be wrong?).
  5. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Maybe we actually thought he would sign a long term contract at the club he supposedly supports and develop into a hero at the club?
  6. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu


    You get far better customer support on a £50 per year IPTV than on iFollow which expects you to pay €130.00 with no refund policy and the only customer support a bunch of useless lowly paid overworked call centre guys in Bangalore.
  7. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Ash Baker

    Thought he showed a really good first touch a number of times.
  8. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Another pathetic manager

    Pathetic is this thread, not the manager.
  9. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Ash Baker

    He was very good, has to be his position now.
  10. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu


    Mostly smooth but then from time to time: Not my tweet that's someone that paid for the match on iFollow!
  11. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Some of the replies in here, my goodness. Anyways, who is this Hunt on the sub's bench?
  12. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Is Westwood "injured" again?

    As much as I like him and appreciate his contribution and as much as he's clearly the best of the three keepers at the club, my hope is he leaves on a loan to buy with an agreed transfer because the situation right now is 100% detrimental to everyone (him, the club, the fans, our finances, etc. etc.).
  13. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Call to arms

    My username should be the clue ;) Grimsby, Lincolnshire when I was born, then became South Humberside, then changed back to North East Lincolnshire. I left the country in disgust a few years later ;)
  14. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Call to arms

    LOL It's worse than that, the county I was born in ceased to exist when I was 1 and then was another county, until I was 24!
  15. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Call to arms

    I had to stop reading at Yorkshire because I'm not from there sorry :(