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  1. Looks great, ordered one for delivery to Portugal, better win now! :)
  2. iFollow

    Yep that's what I did :)
  3. iFollow

    Just tested their 14 day trial entertainment pass and their app works perfectly on PC with Getflix SmartDNS.
  4. iFollow

    Got this reply from them:
  5. iFollow

    Just went to log in to download the highlights with Pale Moon and was met with this "Sorry, but you cannot sign in or register using private browsing mode. Please switch off private browsing and then try again." which is interesting because I'm not using any kind of private browsing mode. Working fine with Chrome.
  6. iFollow

    No problem getting a refund? I was told there'd be no refunds if cancelling the season pass early.
  7. Van aken

    Well worth the wait of scouting 200 centre backs (apparently) before Carlos decided on him.
  8. Possession today

    Mind numbing blowing.
  9. League table as it stands at half time

    As it finished.
  10. IFollow quality

    Was told it'll be 30fps but every single video I've downloaded from iFollow has been 25fps, not good for watching sports.
  11. Record ifollow stream

    I don't have a full iFollow account but I've downloaded the free video interviews/highlights using https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/hls-stream-detector + FFMPEG, obviously not going to explain in public how to do it! It's quite fiddly so only tech savvy would be able to do it (not sure if there's an easier way). Jdownloader can also grab some of them but again a bit fiddly unless you're a geeky speccy four eyes like me ;)
  12. Full match replays on ifollow

    I have the Forest match on Google Drive for anyone who wants it, PM me.
  13. The momentum is good

    Maybe he got it from the same place as Mark Clattenburg, now that was a terrific thatching, before in 2009:
  14. 2157

    Lee got rid of Karen didn't he? Good enough for me.
  15. Just me happy with Butterfield?

    I wouldn't have been against us signing him but 99.9% of the people saying he'd be an amazing signing have never seen him play for Watford, not sure how many of their league matches you watch but he's not exactly a super sub.