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  1. VIDEO - Jos Luhukay discusses today’s result

    As usual can't hear the questions :(
  2. Long term Jos....

    Neil claimed it, then refused to say if he really heard it, who he heard it from, if it's real etc. etc.
  3. Managing The Games vs Game Management

    I get the feeling his strategy is strongest side possible at home for three points and for the away matches gamble on a fitter (ie rotated/rested) but not necessarily best side to try to snatch a draw. Considering the horrific squad he's inherited in terms of mid to long term injured players plus the apparently fragility of players on our books it really does make sense as a strategy to survive this season IMO.
  4. Jos dropped a b******* today

    Astrid looks deeply into your soul and says...
  5. Typical carlos match!

    Nothing like their EPL performances under him, I've watched every Swansea match this season before and after he took over, he's done an incredible job to turn them around, performances before were abject, devoid of any spirit, desire, work ethic, identity. People can hate him all they like for the situation he left us in but the job he's done at Swansea has been nothing short of miraculous, they looked certainties to go down from what I'd been watching.
  6. Terrible Team Selection

    The two players I was looking forward to watching, an in form João and the first time I've seen Pelupessy, and neither are starting :( I was going to watch it live but now I'll just download it after it ends so I can fast forward through the bad bits...
  7. Who is the best player at SWFC?

  8. 30 minute profile on Chris Kirkland. From 13:28 it mentions the point he joins us. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BoKkuJFpN4kErULd0aaB7dlFDLXSgCUH https://vimeo.com/255861741 Video is processing but will be available soon.
  9. Championship Table This Time Last Year

    More like nonsensical money, I know it's extremely unlikely now they won't get promoted but if they don't they'd be hugely in the mire, as it is I wouldn't be surprised if they're getting a Bournemouth'esque fine next season, not that they'd care of course with £100m+ per season TV money and everything else the EPL brings.
  10. Owls 2 Derby 0 - Extended Highlights

    Well in fairness as has been pointed out elsewhere with the size of our squad if fit the expectation would be he's about 8th choice in line for the midfield throne.
  11. Thank you Milan

    Good point that.
  12. Lucas Joao

    Second goal was terrific.
  13. Joey Song

    He's gonna pelt your pussy He's gonna pelt your pussy He's gonna pelt your pussy He's gonna pelt your pussy He's gonna pelt your pussy Joey Pelupessy.
  14. Owls 2 Derby 0 - Extended Highlights

    Didn't see much of Clare but what it did show was hugely impressive, just a shame he's stormed out of the club in protest at his contract issues and all that. Wish he wasn't cup tied as we're not televised again for ages :(