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  1. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Give it to Bannan

    Felt sorry for him last night, there was one point in the first half he passed and received the ball back immediately about 10 times in a row, think that's the new 1-2 world record...
  2. Yeah I felt really bad for Chris and what he went through when he was with us, to the point where his suffering caused him to lose focus and make some mistakes. I hope he knows we Wednesday fans have nothing but praise for him and highly rate him for his time with us.
  3. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Matt Penney Contract

    It's not always the answer to take the first big offer, read the story here about George Green who moved from Bradford City to Everton as a kid: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/45476430
  4. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Spain vs England - International Matchday Thread

    I think the way we had to play made the whole team very tired from at least 70 minutes on and we didn't have experience on the bench that could be reliably brought on for fresh legs. Whole team put a huge shift in.
  5. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu


    Reported the thread and a nice mod fixed the title :)
  6. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

  7. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu


    Thread title completely unnecessary, is this how we support our team/players on here?
  8. Definitely worth reading the articles I linked here as well re depression in football: So easy to say the stereotypes like "dream job", "I'd do it for £10 a week when they're earning millions" etc. etc. but money, fame, riches, they don't heal a broken mind. Compassion, support, professional help, understanding, patience are what's needed. There but for the grace of god etc. etc. I applaud anyone brave enough to speak about what they're going through and I send silent hugs to everyone struggling today.
  9. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    George Boyd and David Jones?

    You seem to have forgotten a number of abject performances from Jones and Boyd. They no longer have the legs/energy required to play in our team as far as I'm concerned.
  10. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Some highlights in lieu of Sky version

    I have the 2nd half from red button in SD with no audio, for any masochists wanting to watch us like that!
  11. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Matt Penney Contract

    Wolfram & Hart...
  12. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    I'm also happy with him, was a little swayed after our bad start but he's steadied the ship and we were outstanding for 80 minutes on Wednesday, played a top team of top players off the pitch. We learned lessons from that game that will serve us better moving forward.
  13. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu


    He was brilliant, do we rest Penney and put Reach at LWB with Onomah moving into the Reach role? Although of course we then lose Reach's 40 yard tap-ins...
  14. פɹᴉɯqɐɹᴉɐu

    Not a one man team

    It was an outstanding team performance for 80 minutes, we bossed, we dominated, we were smarter, we had a great tactical gameplay, we were 2-0 up against one of the league's top teams, against players with masses of premier league experience. What came next was a reality check due to naivety and tired minds, lessons will be learned. I don't see any point assigning blame just learn the lessons and move on, praise the positives, of which there were many.