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  1. I was told in the shop the last match I went to that the staff hate the current set up with it all being in one. I was also told that the other clubs that had done the same before us have now changed it back to being seperate again. Hopefully the new guy in charge will see this and be able to act on it.
  2. If Kop season passes were priced at £200 then SWFC would have £600 off us no problems at all, but we aint paying the current ransom set by the club.
  3. I dont bother getting anything at all from the catering in the stadium anymore as it is a total rip off. Having pies of the quality we have at the rugby at the JJB stadium might make me change my mind though, you cant beat a Wigan pie
  4. We are from Bolton, our front window has a view of the reebok in the distance As for lifts, sod off and make your own way there you cheapskates. Just kidding, our car is full every game
  5. Dont forget SUFC that Rome was not built in a week, you need to give Robbo all the time he needs to get the job done
  6. We are with our tin hats Ready for a pasting on and off the field
  7. When travelling back home to Bolton after every single match and come to think of it every single time we ever come to Sheffield we get stuck in a huge snake behind some HGV only doing 30, due to the fact its almost suicidal to overtake on that road it makes for a longer trip than it should really be.The Question is - Should HGV's be banned from the pass for safety reasons?? (every time you go on the pass there is a new hole in the wall)Discuss
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