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  1. lozswfc1867

    Segregation joke!

    I've attended every home and away game this season so far. I don't have a season ticket as they are far too expensive, I am greatly disappointed that I will be missing the Pigs match. SYP have some explaining to do if seats not vacated are on display. It's madness.
  2. lozswfc1867

    Blackpool match live streaming

    PM Link Please. :D
  3. lozswfc1867

    The Machine on Wednesday player

    He put something about Steve Simonsen flapping again after Orient game. He's fast becoming a pig hater. Love it.
  4. Have The Same Feeling, But It's Always Nice To Be Apart Of Derby Day. Hope It's On TV.
  5. Absolutly Gutted. Haven't got a ticket for the biggest Away game of the season.
  6. Hope They Have Got Some Left For Wednesday,
  7. Bit disappointing that no-one is coming in. I would have liked to see Brian Howard and Roberts at Hillsborough.
  8. lozswfc1867

    Sheffield Wednesday V Stoke City

    Is there anywhere else for the commentary. I haven't got Wednesday Player. Waste of time.??????
  9. lozswfc1867

    Luke Varney!

    I would personally love Varney to come back to us...and i think he would make a good league one player, he would wipe the floor with league one,
  10. lozswfc1867

    If Palace go bust

    it looks unlikely that palace will go out of business, and us being reinstated, but i so hope that happens. I have a tiny tiny bit of hope.
  11. lozswfc1867

    Varney wants to stay

    I personally would love Varney to stay i think he is proven himself in league one before. And he truely cares about this club.
  12. lozswfc1867


    We play like we don't want survival...that was a performace of a sunday league team, obviously the players don't want to fight for our championship status.
  13. lozswfc1867

    Luke Varney

    The overall winner for me would be Grant. He has saved us more than once this season. His performance has been superb.
  14. lozswfc1867

    Luke Varney

    It is and it is not ...We always get on at players for not playing well and then we put them down when they do play well...But yes a bit of encouragement might make him a better player.