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  1. clever that the picture for the advert matches the connection service you get. tbf the videos n stuff are spot on but i can never get commentary to work consistantly. always cuts off or lags so far behind i know any goals 5 min before hear them.
  2. wow..one of my fav views of hillsborough. always parked up ther n walked down to kop... love it. brought back emotions of my grandad taking me to games and walking down waiting to see the kop apear. great work
  3. il go wi mcCabe too. got all the tools just needs to apply his talent better.
  4. hope he stays . just been on talksport to talk about wigan n got asked if he will be premier lg next season. didnt say no ! just the usual enjoying it hear not heard anything n we prob one of biggest clubs he played for . please stay chris
  5. i hope t god the crowd play there part saturday. can see it turning quickly with some fans negativity on here.
  6. players bounce off him . quick feet. picks a pass. gets stuck in. sounds like bloke off fone jacker sign him up. no brainer
  7. dint maguire get flagged offside anyway.
  8. its got to point i dont look on here after defeat or draws... gotta look at the bigger picture. awaits the happy clapper,negative comments
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