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  1. always look on the sad side of life da da..... da da da da da
  2. Didn't realise it was actually called Chesterfield not Chezvegas
  3. People turning up late annoys me more....oh I know I'll get there at 10 past 3 make everyone stand up then watch 20 mins of the game and make everyone stand up again because I will starve to death or die of thirst if I don't go. I think once people have committed themselves to leaving they shouldn't be allowed to run back up the steps if they hear something exciting happening. :-)
  4. If he scores do you think he'll go bananas?
  5. Even if they don't do much could they at least stick some segregation bit's in so it could accommodate say 2000 away fans with the rest of the seats for home fans, if and when needed
  6. Any work being done on it this summer? I think most would agree it needs knocking down and rebuilding, I think that's probably a bit more long term and investment in the team should come first but there were rumours about cosmetic changes in the short term
  7. 2-1 Wednesday Attendance 69,785 with about 20,000 empty seats and me and two others having to watch it on the telly
  8. 4500 emails and 619 tickets = us not going then oh well back to the plan b of pizza and tv
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