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  1. I am having a clearout and have listed a load of old Wednesday tops on Ebay. They are all on low starting bids so you may get yourself a bargain: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/paulo283/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  2. you should be able to get a refund if you contact the ticket office. I had a spare for the west brom game, was offering the ticket to friends for nothing. Had no takers so popped into the ticket office before the game on the off chance, and they gave me a full refund.
  3. I grew up in North Yorkshire and started taking an interest in Football in the early 90's. Despite the location, I was surrounded by Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, Man United, and Leeds fans (the closest 'big' club). The issue was that living in the middle of nowhere, every team was far away. The most local teams were York, Darlington or Leeds. I also had no influence from from parents as my Dad takes no interest in Football, my Mum's side are Middlesbrough but I was never taken to a game. What got me hooked on Wednesday was watching the FA Cup game away to Derby in March 1993. Wednesday were wearing the Yellow and Black shirts, and in the process of that game I turned from being a 9 year old kid who took a vague interest in Football to being completely engrossed and desperately wanting the team in yellow and black to win. The game finished 3-3. From then on I never looked back. It took two years of nagging my parents to take me to see a game at Hillsborough. My first game was two years later - March 1995 at home to Wimbledon. We lost 1-0. A terrible game but I absolutely loved the stadium, the team, the shirt, and could never support another team.
  4. this is quite a good report, for anyone that is interested. http://www.northyorkshirenews.com/sport/local/harrogate-town-fight-back-in-sheffield-wednesday-draw-1-5884454
  5. If the teamsheet is correct it was Dawes, wonder if his first name is George
  6. Brief summary of my thoughts on the game last night: was quite an enjoyable game, our young team did well against some experienced Harrogate players. I thought Harrogate's stand out players were Adam Bolder and their main striker, who used to be in Hollyoaks! Dawson looks good in goal, would expect him maybe to be loaned out to a league 1 or 2 team later this season. In defence McKenzie looked strong and comfortable on the ball. Obileye has improved since his shocker against Bradford a couple of years ago. Has moved up the pitch and was playing a 'Yaya Toure' kind of role, played some good through balls in for our strikers. Mayor played the whole game, he made some really skilful runs and Harrogate could hardly get the ball off him, not a great deal of end product though. Lambin was quite quick up front and got in some good positions, but I thought he was muscled off the ball quite easily by the Harrogate defenders. Lavery came on in mid way through second half but was quiet. Also a mention to our number 7, on the right wing. Made some good forward runs. He set up the OG playing a ball across, when one of their players slid in to intercept and put it in his own net. The game really came to life in the 2nd half, 2-1 at half time but it was 3-3 by about 55 minutes. I thought there would be more goals but last 20-30 minutes the game died down, I guess due to tiredness from a tough pre-season. Looking forward to Rangers tonight WAWAW
  7. haha thanks cant go wrong with double the muffage
  8. Hi all, I've listed a few old Wednesday shirts on ebay and thought some of you may be interested: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/paulo283/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 If you win any of them I can bring the shirt/shirts to the Leeds game on the 19th to save on postage. Cheers Paul
  9. they have released them this afternoon. which is quite annoying as i bought my tickets yesterday afternoon - wouldve preferred to have waited and got a better seat!
  10. great collection, thanks for sharing! but surely crossley should be in there with his bullet header??
  11. i went on the ground tour in october 2010 before we played leyton orient. would highly it recommend to anyone, especially for the bargain price of around a tenner. the fella who took us round was very knowledgeable, has worked at the club for years, told us about the history of the ground and stands, spoke briefly about hillsborough disaster which was very sad but still interesting. after that we went up into the south stand, looked in the boxes, conferencing rooms, tv gantry, executive box etc. then down into home changing rooms, press room, interview room and the thing your lad would love best is walking down the tunnel in his wednesday shirt! to top if off, the day we were there, football focus were filming at hillsborough (international break i think) so met dan walker, mark lawrenson, and most importantly chris waddle. i was completely star struck!
  12. the bukta ones do look really smart. i bought the 1970's one about 6 months ago which is quite nice but wish i had waited for the bukta ones! i guess another shirt wouldnt do any harm tho :)
  13. not sure if this has already been mentioned but toffs are curently offering a 30% discount if you use code FACE30 the offer ends tomorrow, hopefully this will be useful for anyone looking to get one of the bukta shirts! it may be worth 'liking' them on facebook in case they offer these deals in the future
  14. mine arrived in the post over the weekend. the print looks great! thank you very much to trev and all involved.
  15. Hi Trev, Just paid for mine with postage. Cheers, it's a great cause and I look forward to receiving the print!
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