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  1. Totally. I know its an in house interview, so hardly going to be taxing, but just the same old platitudes the everyone gives out. Half of me enjoys listening to any update we put out, but most of the stuff we produce is so uninspiring. The new players have to show they want to be here and have ambition...it sounds ok as he says it, but when you stop and think about what he says, it's totally meaningless. The way he says it, he could have added that we always check new signings have a heart beat and two limbs as a prerequisite. Well done for not signing someone who doesn't want to be here or clearly has no ambition (tbf - maybe some past signings don't) but which club knowingly looks for these attributes. Hopefully we are a little more insightful in practice, but from this clip, he gives me no confidence that he understands what he is talking about in any depth.
  2. How does it work at Moneyball clubs like Brentford? Does manager get the final say or do they just go for players with stats matching what the are looking for. Personally like this approach, but still with manager approving as he has to work with them day in day out. I'm sure it's not just solely stats, but bet they also have some method of trying to quantify subjective stuff like attitude etc.
  3. Same for us if depending on the size of any deduction. It turns it into even more of a farce, even though we'd potentially benefit if it's true.
  4. Exactly. What has he done is past year to prove us right and Norwich wrong in their valuation. His reputation is shot, no-one is going to take a risk on recapturing this form after a series of failed transfers. Hope it does come good for him, but just taking him is a gamble, no-one is going to pay for him
  5. Since coming back from loan what an earth has he done to justify any fee, let alone a big one and a big outlay on his wages. It is who need to be realistic, huge plus if we can get him of the payroll, we should forget any thought of fees. Top man and such a shame it didn't work but we need to clear out.
  6. but if you grow up in Sheff (or anywhere in South Yorks. East Mids, Lincolnshre, West Yorks and even Greater Manchester) you ain't going to join Brentford academy. Yes they have a big catchment area and can pick up from other clubs like you say, but we are also in the middle of a large population area with decent transport links. Geographically I think we are better placed than many other clubs. Obviously there is lots of competition also in same catchment area, but same for Brentford too. Any although their catchment is big, I am not sure you can view London as one catchment area. They are in West London which isn't the easiest to get to from alot of other areas across London - not impossible by any means, but you could be talking a couple of hours travel each way from other side of London.
  7. Get the point about releasing him and we, like everyone else have lots of cash problems, but it's a two sides of the same coin. Hard to be upset when players we want to stay don't commit whilst at same time pushing ones we don't want out as soon as we can. Footballers and football teams both as bad as each other. Maybe FFP issues, but I think to build the right culture and team spirit, we should be extending (or cancelling) contacts for all not picking and choosing. Hard to expect loyalty when we don't show it as a club. It's not like culture and team spirit seemed before this, but we should be working to improve it not make worse. Even players like Bates in my opinion should be extended. Fact that he probably shouldn't have been signed is a separate issue, we made the decision to sign him so should do it properly. If cash or FFG is that serious and issue (and they could well be) then we should be explaining it and being honest both with players and fans, not doing it piecemeal. Might be right thing to do, but culture will take another blow and even longer to repair.
  8. Hopefully financial security above all, can't see many clubs offering much when there is a huge risk quite a few will be going to the wall
  9. another recent case of Alex Damson, totally wrecked her life, from something pretty innocuous https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/hockey/47442343
  10. Been a big problem in rugby and think it's a 23 day protocol before you should return, although think that's club/junior rugby. Probably can be less in professional clubs where there is closer medical supervision. https://www.englandrugby.com/participation/playing/headcase/general-information https://playerwelfare.worldrugby.org/concussion
  11. Offical confirmation https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1169988782751453186
  12. Agree with that in the past, was often blowing, but don't think you could level that at him yesterday (or since Christmas tbh). Looks more athletic, less muscular and a bit slimmer. Excellent yesterday along with everyone mentioned above, but Lee my mom, what a player. Even under pressure, very rarely gets it wrong and so much energy.
  13. Totally agree and was in same boat, refusing to buy on principle last year after the way it was presented. Also think its still a bit steep, but I will be buying for me and the kids this year. Think we'd sell more at half this level, but in terms of income (rather than attracting most fans) we'll raise more this way. Also approve of the simplicity this year, but don't understand why there are two junior membership categories (u11 and 11-16) which have identical benefits. Fine if priced differently (which they should be) or they have different benefits, but as they don't would be better keep super clear with just Adult and Junior levels. We had the same split last year, but as far as I remember they were priced differently. Heading in the right direction, which it hasn't felt like for quite a while. UTO
  14. Agree. Had the skill, but wrong mentality with huge chip on his shoulder. Sounds like it was identified at Lillieshaw when he was starting out, shame he couldn't sort it out. Came across as a nightmare to work with and totally unable to take direction. Neon Lights says it all
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