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  1. Never met him, but seen him around interacting with fans a few times. Comes across as genuine standup bloke, as per stories above. Limited player whose attitude and dedication got him a good career and quite rightly cult status with our fans. At moment, think his managerial skills are probably similarly limited. Wouldn't want him back any time soon, but he has lots of great attributes and hope he goes onto be a top manager. I've got family in Ayr and usually up there several times a year. Never been to see them play, although have been to a party at ground, but will definitely go and see them and support Lee next time I get a chance.
  2. @Burnsie Did you get this sorted? I have Virgin and Deco, followed steps like above and was pretty straight forward. I can check any of my set up if your still struggling
  3. He's a poor communicator in front of the media. Although important for the fans and I wish he was better, it doesn't really matter. However, his ability to communicate with the players is critical. Maybe it's the cameras/microphones and associated pressure (I know I'd struggle) when in front of then media, but I suspect it's more deep routed and he just doesnt have the skills to communicate clearly. The umms and errs, repeating himself whilst going around in circles doesn't give any confidence that he has the ability to get his message across in a way that is easy for the players to understand. They all seem to like him and he does come across as a good guy, but that doesn't make him a good manager.
  4. @0742 Being a bit of a data geek, I've signed up and enjoyed working though this - thanks for the details. Its quite a undertaking, as there is a lot of content to get through, but very interesting so far. I like the main presenter but the Chinese girl is hard to follow, so just ignored her and worked through the notebooks myself. Note, with CourseRa, you don't need to pay for these courses, you can audit for free and get all the content other than the solutions to practicals/quizzes (and no certificate).
  5. Agree, but also alonside lowering of ticket prices./TV deals etc - the general ridiculously high cost of football. As Agnelli pointed out - football is dying for the younder generation. It is nothign to do with games being too long and all other reasons he gave. Yes there is more competition for youngerst time and attention that ever before from other sports/gaming etc, but more important than any of that is the cost. Too many are priced out and don't fall in love with the game. More games needed on free to air, match of day on much earlier so kids can watch it - there should be minimum requirements laid down when TV rights auctioned that serve the games best interests - not just the top clubs/top leagues. I can't see any of that happening without legislation and regulation, there is far too much vested interest in positions of power. Not sure even with government support its ever likely to happen. It is would also be virtually impossible to implement change to a cheaper cost base with so many contacts in place across all different aspects of teh game, of lots of varying lengths. I'd love to see a single cap per division, regardless of turnover, relegation allowances stc - so its a proper level playing field. Bigger clubs with more turnover have advantage of large crowds, better facilities etc but everyone would have a fair chance to compete on sporting merit. Pie in the sky though
  6. Cole Brothers....what a location in the heart of the city
  7. Good article and so depressing to see such a litany of mistakes laid out, a lot of which we all saw coming well before they happened. No one expects it to be perfect, its football and this is Sheffield Wednesday - we’ve got the battle scars to show. The fans can deal with the odd screw up, especially if it happens for a genuine reason, but there are so many and so few lessons learnt. Chansiri gambled in the early years (which many were happy with and encouraging at the time), but in a totally unsustainable way that is coming back to bite us left, right and centre. For all his many faults, the guy has put a lot of money in and is still funding the club at a huge loss. I don’t want him involved on a day to day basis, but he deserves some respect for keeping us going, as the article says. I think he’s totally delusional about the value of the club, but I’m concerned about the type of people who might come next, especially if he is hounded out. Who in their right mind would take us on with huge losses to fund each year and a massive rebuilding job to do. Yes, we have huge potential if it goes right, but a lot of money and effort (and luck) is required. Maybe someone is willing to take the bet, but can’t see someone wanting to do it right being able to come to any agreement with Chansiri. I think it more likely we’d end up in another complicated situation, and quite possibly even worse than now. My preferred outcome would for him to stay, finally admit his advisor(s) are part of the issue, and bring in a team to manage the club properly for him and for him to manage them as an owner. I have no confidence this will happen, but don’t think it ends well for the fans or the owner if we are at loggerheads. I wish him all the success in the world, because Wednesday would be the beneficiary and then he can sell the clown car and sail off into the sunset.
  8. Luton Town v Sheffield Wednesday highlights Watch video here Luton Town v Sheffield Wednesday highlights
  9. Here's the article referenced in the podcast http://backpagefootball.com/why-liverpool-wont-win-the-premier-league-this-season/126313/
  10. Wow. Thanks for sharing. It's a long watch but really interesting. Initially thought it looked crap and with a Man U fan and Russian journalist behind it, has all hall marks of a conspiracy theory. However, it's all pretty basic and believable. Marginal gains has alot to answer for. Interested in @scram 's view as always and someone with great insights into the game. Doping/Cheating has some obvious extremes but there is a very murky gray area in the middle. Like he says, ultimately managers/players/owners, and especially the fans, don't care if they win...sure we'd be the same. Also like his point re journalists are too much part of the system to either spot or say anything critical about it, as they risk their privledged positions. Not just about this topic, you could argue that about all most all journalism now, sport and everywhere else. The story about the gymnast at the end is so depressing, but totally believable. Wonder who the footballer is he mentions. Not read original article but off to dig it out now. Other sad thing is, if your trying to link it to our injuries, we haven't had any of the performance benefits so we can't even cheat well Thanks for posting
  11. In what sense? They did for us coverage wise, in the sense there are no dead spots anywhere now with 3 units spread across the house. It also seems to be lightening fast everywhere, getting over 200Mb wifi in the areas that previously got nothing, so it is good quality coverage improvement. Our wifi was pretty decent before from standard virgin superhub, just with a few deadspots and areas that dipped in speed. It didn't really matter, but for example, it didn't work at far end of house at the end of the kitchen. Not really an issue, you just didn't stand there using wifi, but cooker is there so its handy to sometimes use web for recipes etc. I occasionally had a match on and had to have laptop at other end of kitchen otherwise it kept buffering as coverage dipped. It didn't really matter, but its obviously more convenient to not have to think about it any more because it just works everywhere at a decent speed. Haven't compared to anything else but very happy with the units we
  12. We've got M9's and am very happy with them. Dead easy to set up, virtually just plug and play (hardest bit was switching Virgin Router to modem only). App is useful to help manage and keep all updated. We had a couple of dead spots which disappeared and now have excellent coverage all over house and garden. M9's were expensive but worth it. Not used others but guy who recommended to me had M5 which he was happy with.
  13. Would these be any good for sport....running/gym etc? Also, have you used for calls much? How do others find call quality from microphone when your talking?
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