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  1. Iorfa woaaah Iorfa woaaah He loves his chips with salt He’s runs like Usain Bolt
  2. £2M a year would suggest new money is on it's way we are saved.
  3. There was plenty talking about Wednesday's need to find £10M in the January transfer window some months ago,I wonder if this is the news we will be given on Thursday..
  4. I've never seen a keener, window cleaner.
  5. Dawson 8  Baker 8 Fox 6 Hector 7 Thorniley 7 Lees 6 Reach 6 Bannan 5 Fletcher 6 Pelupessy 4 Penney 6
  6. Love his effort but nowhere near good enough, lost Duffy for the penalty which could have cost us the game.
  7. He should have said, mind the gap you piggy expletive
  8. He now has a sale value, if we can get him fit and scoring goals,so very positive news.
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