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  1. Rumour time

    Steve Evans would be my choice
  2. Sleepwalking

    We desperately need someone with a knowledge of the English game advising Chansiri,as CC seems to have either learned nothing in his previous two seasons ,or is a total big head,who has only one game plan. The Championship is an extremely unforgiving league ,do not underestimate how quickly the sleepwalking can turn in to a nightmare, after today we will be nearer the bottom three than the top six.
  3. Exorbitant wage bill

    The wage bill is stagering and with most of the high earners total crocks, it will kill us for many seasons to come.When the new fans who bought in realise it's not going good, they will stop going, we are in far more trouble than most want to admit to.
  4. Steve Evans.

    True enough,I'm sure Att is on football manager searching as we speak..
  5. Steve Evans.

    Very insightful.
  6. Steve Evans.

  7. Steve Evans.

    Always do what your enemies least want you to do.
  8. Steve Evans.

    We need a man who can make an impact , a spit and nettles sort of a bloke, that has the ability to get a team promoted. A decent job turning Leeds around without much support from his owners, and always has a good word for Wednesday. Evans always gets the maximum out of players and he would get under the oppositions skin , such as old porker Wilder. It's time to smell the coffee, we need a guy who can turn our team in to scrappers, not the docile crabs what we have now.
  9. We have an owner who has failed to get shirts delivered a quarter way in to the season, I'm sure he's on it. OUT!
  10. This thread will be regurgitated everytime he ***** up, 1 swallow and all.
  11. Opportunity for George Hirst

    CC described him as an embryo a couple of weeks ago,so don't expect that arrogant fool, to give a damn about Wednesdays future.

    Lets hope Winnall bags plenty of goals,and his value goes bonkers.
  13. Micah

    wind up
  14. Birmingham want bannan

    Glad I'm not the only who is thinking this,they go to extraordinary lengths to avoid giving us a mention.
  15. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Carlos the Cabbage strikes again