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  1. In football a manager lives or dies on the teams results,if we had an owner who had his finger on the pulse,or even tried to look as though he gave a poo,then Monk would have been sacked many weeks ago,as it is we are sliding in to oblivion with no way back.
  2. Oddschecker- Unibet and Bet365 have us at 40/1 , a small wager would pay for what would be pub league season ticket.
  3. Moose just said, Wednesday trying to tie up a deal for Connor
  4. After many awful refereeing decisions against us in the last few weeks, am I the only one who thought Bannon was lucky not to give a penalty away when he pulled Allen down? Perhaps the start of things evening themselves out a bit.
  5. So what is happening with the Bury tie? I presumed the fact that they were unable to play tonight would have given us a bye.
  6. Joao is one of our few match winners,he will need replacing.
  7. His record is truly abysmal, when Bale is not in his starting line up..
  8. I would have agreed a few years ago, but he seems to fall out with everyone these days.
  9. So far Chansiri has not stolen other clubs managers,so he's unlikely to start now. For me it's a no-brainer if Chris Hughton fancies the gig he's the only choice.
  10. Bruce 6/4 at betfair for toon job,could be just mugs lumping on.
  11. Iorfa woaaah Iorfa woaaah He loves his chips with salt He’s runs like Usain Bolt
  12. £2M a year would suggest new money is on it's way we are saved.
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