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  1. timeforaboycott

    Daily star today

    Always rated him,most on here got it wrong.
  2. timeforaboycott

    R E L E G A T I O N

    Good job the teams at the bottom can't buy a win, or we would be F0cked
  3. timeforaboycott

    Bristol City 4 : 0 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    700 Wednesday fans with tickets will not get to match because of the weather according to 5LIVE.
  4. timeforaboycott

    Steven Fletcher

    Look on the bright side, in January 2016 we nearly signed Mark Davies from Bolton who would have commanded a pretty decent contract, he rarely played from that point and retired at the end of his contract in May 2017. Clubs and players agents are always trying to move their crocks on, and the people running our club have been an open invitation due to a lack of knowledge and care.It's not so much the mistakes we have made on signings , but the utter negligence of letting the best two young prospects we have had in thirty years potentially walk away for peanuts.
  5. timeforaboycott

    Inept TV research

    I spoke to a friend yesterday who listened to the match on 5live , Pat Nevin could not get his head around why Fletcher and Hooper were not in the team, and Alan Green thought Atdhe Nuihu looked like a Russian hammer thrower
  6. timeforaboycott

    FA Quarter Final Draw Tonight - OMDT

    Vardy's coming home..
  7. timeforaboycott

    We can change History on Saturday

    West ham were in the championship and we were in league 1 2012
  8. There is 45 points to play for, the sooner we scrap out a few wins the better , because if the bottom 3 suddenly find a pulse it could be tight.
  9. timeforaboycott


    Dave looked world class against Carlisle on a snowy pitch
  10. timeforaboycott

    Adam Reach

    I have always rated him,lets hope he stays fit...
  11. timeforaboycott

    Nuhiu or Joao for Swansea?

    We need them both this season, but it's going to be interesting to see if Jos can get a tune out of Joao ,he's talented and might respond with the right kind of encouragement.
  12. timeforaboycott

    Joey Pelupessy

    Is there one of those videos that make him look like Messi?
  13. timeforaboycott

    George Hirst

    Is the source still that text message to P&G?
  14. timeforaboycott

    Hirst To Meet The CEO?

    Great news, this will be a huge coo for the CEO , George Hirst he's one of our own..
  15. timeforaboycott


    Walking away from the north stand turnstiles on Monday ,I heard a young chap say ah well I've won £110 on Burton winning, I felt like kicking his bloody ankles from him,but to be honest I wished it was me, it would have helped after that utterly painful performance.