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  1. Hi Does anyone know if the shop inside Meadowhall have a contact number please? Thank you
  2. Agh thanks for that. You reckon we should have some room to be under the £39m loss taking into account the 2020/21 period?
  3. So next years accounts will minus the £34 million on the 3 year rolling period?. Leaving us with a 20.5 million profit and £22.5 million loss. So we basically next year crnt lose more than £37 million with a COVID season or we’re over FFP?
  4. Having to sell my season ticket due to change at work. It’s T2 Row 4 in Kop and looking to get £250 for the remaining 15 games of season which is cheaper than half season ticket prices.
  5. Due to a change of work circumstances Iv got my season ticket up for sale if anyone’s interested. It’s T2 in Kop , Row 4.Im selling it cheaper than half season ticket prices.
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