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  1. What would happen if he bought a real taxi firm and incorporated it into Sheffield Wednesday. So it was basically a different dept in the company that brought in money. could that be an income steam that would offset some of the club’s spending? In the same way making the stadium ‘earn’ more revenue or selling more shirts or pies or whatever.
  2. I wonder how harsh the cost cutting will be in the imposed business plan. Maybe some redundancies coming from the non-playing staff, downgrade of the food, closing areas of the stadium. I guess we’ll see...
  3. I could start calling for JL to be sacked now and then - when the inevitable happens in a couple of years - I can say how I called it right earlier than anyone else. Let that sink in, it’s getting cold stood on the doorstep.
  4. Doesn't look so far away - probably be able to get a bus or summat
  5. I'm away for the weekend in Helsinki. Very low probability but does anyone know anywhere that might be showing English football there? So I'll prob be watching BBC sport text updates in a bar somewhere...
  6. Who ever it ends up being we’ll go through the exact same thing - sacking them with no idea who to replace them with - in less than 3 years. Its what we do.
  7. That list is depressing. I now worry for the rest of this season...
  8. Sad to see him go. We've had a great couple of seasons where he's delivered more than I expected in terms of where we finished in the league. This season has been below expectations, but we're only half way through and at the nadir. It will be upwards from January onwards whoever was in charge. Thanks for the good times Carlos and good luck for the future.
  9. This boiler ad I'm seeing looks like the opening scene to a 1970's confessions of a plumber film. (On the train to Fulham so almost on topic)
  10. I've absolutely no idea. Going on some magical mystery tour with the in-laws to god knows where. I bet where ever it is they don't have a TV
  11. My dad was actually kitman for a short time under David Pleat back in the 90s. His reign on all things kit lasted lasted the first couple of months of the 96/97 Season when we were top of the Premiership. It's been downhill ever since. Now if we can get him employed again maybe, just maybe, that's the answer...
  12. I think Hutch would have something to say about this: http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-sam-hutchinson-issues-plea-to-owls-fans-ahead-of-brentford-duel-1-8400432 Saying here the negativity at Hillsborough does affect some of the players. Would some fans rather lose as long as they can have a moan?
  13. They're all Pigs anyway aren't they, the Autistic Chimpanzees?
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