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  1. maybe a little off topic, looking at first team profiles, fred is still there, (all players sold/released have been removed) is this a sign hes coming home?
  2. if any 1 has used a pringles voucher already on there account, you wont get to use another, so have to duplicate accounts if you can only way to use (new account on NOWTV) just used wifes all good gone through here is 2 codes that are working if any 1 wants to use em on pringles site L72310357302229354 L72310357302229964
  3. we keep it up as we are, we are producing 1k votes per 15 mins, who ever is voting for ayala is doing 600 per 15 mins, lets smash this.
  4. if using iphone open safari open link in private browser vote refresh page simples :)
  5. check my link #8 post no problems in first half
  6. http://www.feed2allnow.eu/watch/432739/1/watch-sheffield-wednesday-vs-cardiff-city.html
  7. once u get to Cala San Vicente depending on the route you came, (car,bus,bike, walk) you need to head up on the top road main road in an out of area, once you see a shop called maria's head past it towards the houses(straight road) after the bank you will see it, the marina is just back south of maria's if standing at T junction ( hotel Don pedro) is across from it simar at the junction enjoy wish i was there ( be there in sept XD )
  8. in reply to the both of you, jump across to the next town Cala San Vicente nice walk over mountains (or bike/bus) cheap trip wonderful bay area there to have a swim in after game, check out the irish pub on top street near the hotel simar and don pedro, u will have the marina another bar just down road from it 1 of them will show it. E> and SidOwl once u look down from the don pedro to the bay that will be your destination hotel, from now on if u like mallorca :) that view into the bay is what u want in a morning XD
  9. here's another from the olden days! not pre match but a tune for when we are back in the big time XD
  10. will confirm this, Lee comes in my place of work few times every couple of months when he's home in Manchester, he is the same size as me and im 6ft 1, :) cracking lad will stand and chat about anything and everything, went the extra mile in sorting a signed shirt out too last year for me :)
  11. mellor cup, Steve Maclean away @ home it was Gerald Sibon 5-2 v's QPR
  12. If u want to take the wife out for her birthday, stay clear of print works unless u want chav central as most will call it, I've worked inside there and i wouldn't call it anything else! cheap drinks Lloyd's/waxy's even cheap in Norwegian blue, but if u want a nice place to have a good night (no trouble) probably jinxed myself here! then head towards peter street! 15 min walk from print works just behind the Hilton head to a bar called revolution DE Cuba! very busy plenty of rum and some Cuban dancers to start the night off, from here u have deans gate just round the corner along with deans gate locks, 7 bars or so here can get naughty, deans gate itself has plenty to offer for a chilled night out with the wife then you can also pop up the road to the Gay village (canal street) cracking finish for the night.
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