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  1. Full back and a box to box midfielder. Been crying out for one of those since Carlton left :-o
  2. Winnall will get 8-10 goals for us if he stays fit and gets a run of games going in second half of season.
  3. Given there current position, bottom, not sure Setubal will have a strong negotiating position if they go down. That is looking very likely.
  4. If we had vision then we should go for Giggs/Scholes with someone like McLaren as a DOF. That would be a project.
  5. Realistically if we are close to FFP then if someone wanted FF, we should wheel and deal. If that allowed us to get a CB in and a CM then it is price worth paying. Fletcher, Hooper, Rhodes and Winnall with Hirst as 5 is more than enough if we went down that route. Something has to give and we need to wheel and deal. Ron Atkinson was a master at it. Clearly Nuhiu and Joao are first up but still worth considering if it got us say Dean and Colback (latter not rumoured but out of favour at Toon)?
  6. Cheers I could phone up but that is slightly missing the point. It is 2016 where online trade is a must for any business. I don't want to come across as flippant but I don't ring Clubcall for club news anymore, I check the Internet. Same should go for buying merchandise. Club literally turning custom away.
  7. With loan restrictions coming up, some people are being a bit to cavalier with wanting to get rid of players. Some like Bus, McGugan and Dielna will go as have been made available. Anyone else particularly those in first team squad will only go if we get someone in be it perm or loan. Carlos likes a big squad so he can have options and rotate. Also any player that can play in more than 1 position isn't going anywhere.
  8. Apologies if this has already been answered but am I the only one having issues logging in to our Online Club Shop. Everytime I enter username and password get random error message. I've even registered another email address but still same problem. Really frustrating as I don't live near Sheffield and using online is only real option,
  9. Looked class in both games. One of those players a lot of fans will miss. Just watch him. Keeps game and more importantly our possession ticking over.
  10. I've been getting this error for a few days. Very frustrating.
  11. Anyone else experiencing issues when trying to buy new away shirt online. Site crashing when logging in to pay.
  12. When Mark Bright played for Wednesday I used to slag him off rotten because he missed chances. More fool me as we have not had as good a goalscorer than him in last 20 years. Hooper is as close as we have been since. To miss chances strikers need to be there in first place and if they are they will be scoring as well. If we sign Hooper it will be one of the best signings in the last 25 years.
  13. So if I have understood right, Hutch needs cover and has also been pulled in to defence. Natural cover in Semedo is past it and Melo is out for season. 27year old with Premier League experience becomes available for £700k to cover. Win. Win.
  14. So he is a defensive midfielder? Said last week love Semedo but time to move on.
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