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  1. Top class performance. Such confidence in a player so young. The way he strides out of defence for that second goal was world class.
  2. Hasn't let that Red card dent his confidence. If anything has come back more determined. Fantastic to see. Brillisnt performance.
  3. This thread reminds me of classic Owlstalk from the Geoff Sheard era. Everybody on private investigations . What this website is made for. Love it.
  4. Managed to get Grasshoppers Zurich virtually relegated before being sacked. One of the most famous clubs in Switzerland. Has Jos written all over it.
  5. £400k which is apparently less than we paid in September. Wednesday economics right there. Makes sense if can reinvest and we get some loans in return.
  6. Chris Turner has just tweeted that our former assistant Ritchie Barker has sadly passed away. A great coach and assistant manager through our glory days of the early 1990s. RIP.
  7. Matt Penney has shown in 20 minutes why it was right to give him a new contract and why we won't miss Fox.
  8. Said this earlier in the summer but our recruitment strategy has to be aimed at finishing 4th bottom and buying players we can move forward with the next season. If you think it was a big gamble splashing out in 2015/16 and 2016/17, how big a gamble would it be doing that with a fair chance of relegation. Not spending and being financially prudent is less risky as if we do go down we arent stuffed which is what we will be if we splash the cash now.
  9. What is with misguided notion that just because someone was released by a former club it makes them a bad player? Players are released for numerous reasons. They might not have wanted to stay, their wages were too big, new manager wanted to bring his own player in etc Good luck Elias. A shrewd signing of a former Premier League player looking to kick start career.
  10. Our transfer strategy needs to be focused on a few things. One ensuring we have enough for a condensed 46 game season where we don't get relegated. Secondly a squad that is put together relatively cheaply to enable us to spend more in 21/22. Thirdly and more importantly we need to invest in players that will return an investment for us. For too long we have been snobby in our approach and held on to players past their peak selling point as we are Sheffield Wednesday. Unless we ever get back in the Premier League we need to accept until then that we are about developing and selling players as r
  11. Wish Big Hec all the best but time to focus on players who are here now. Personally pleased we seem to have used a bit of common sense this transfer window. Given FFP may mean if we are there or there abouts we may have room to do something in Jan.
  12. The spirit in the camp doesn't appear to be too badly impacted judging by Instagram. That for me says it all about this squad regardless of who is in charge. They are in it together.
  13. Cattermole would strengthen our squad and be a vocal influence in the dressing room. Win, win for me. No disrespect against Joey but Cattermole is a far better play and on a free for Championship we will struggle to sign better.
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