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  1. I was thinking of the same thing.There is some nice stuff there, and it's a lot easier to navigate.
  2. Hey Toddy, im really thank you hun, hope alls well with u xxx

  3. Hi stranger, how are you?

  4. true, but I don't end up with much free time.Still, 25c vs. 2c.I know which I would rather have.
  5. right now I am a fiber optic engineer. I do fiber instal, instruction, design, repair, tech support, etc. in lovey places around the US and the world.
  6. Contract.I have to fix an unknown cockup from the last time I was there. No idea what's wrong, but I have to fix it anyways. So its a 2 day jaunt to Okinawa and on to Korea for 2 more weeks. Plus another month after the new year.Gonna have bocoup frequent flier miles.
  7. spot on. Just trying to ship my gear to Okinawwa again, I don't want to go back.And I have to figure out the time difference for the derby.
  8. Har-D-Har harBut I've had one reply, so you are mistakenAnd Carlsbad is nice. I spent a year in Diego in the early 90's, fantastic place
  9. So, I'm in Charlotte, any others about?
  10. I was thinking buy one get one free, 10p for Graham and we throw peacock in as well. do you think the poolies would go for it?
  11. need to revise your history lecture again I think. :bigemo_harabe_net-69:
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