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  1. abrodie2002

    Wednesday 2 0 gruntbags

    And their new away kit is Blue and White!!!
  2. abrodie2002


    Penguin.... the guy everyone loves to hate, but generates income for owlstalk through click bait and advertising / sight traffic
  3. abrodie2002


    Probably end up at Stoke now
  4. abrodie2002

    Pre season then ?

    Cheshire.... you heard it here first! think players might be staying at Mottram hall
  5. abrodie2002

    Fernando Forestieri

    I’d rather us sell Winnall and Rhodes before we even consider selling FF!! Both are proven goalscorers at this level and will attract multimillion pound offers, if we’re worried about FFP then these 2 would be the first I would consider selling. Along with Jones, Palmer and Fox (possibly Boyd too) who wouldn’t get big money by would offload them off the wage bill
  6. abrodie2002

    Ash Baker

    What a quality performance!! Some great tackles against some fast tricky wingers... well done lad! Can see him becoming first choice RB if he carries on like that!!
  7. abrodie2002

    Van Aken

    Van Aken had surgery a couple of weeks ago in Germany (I think) and is a doubt for pre-season
  8. After playoff final victory in Cardiff... next day I was driving home in Loughborough with a big SWFC flag in my rear window when a copper pulled me over... thinking the worst, I asked “hello officer, did I do something wrong?!” He asked me to step out of the car... *gulp*... Took me round the back of the car, pointed at the flag and said “is that yours?” I replied “yes, why? Am I not allowed to put it up in the rear window?”.... he then turned to me and said “yes! I just haven’t met a fellow Wednesdayite around here since and wanted to say ‘up the owls’ and how great was that final?!” nearly bricking myself, I let out a huge sigh of relief and laughed out loud!
  9. abrodie2002

    Left Back

    Ian Nolan for me until Edinburgh snapped his leg for Spurs... still remember the sound of his leg breaking to this day
  10. abrodie2002

    Caption and Photoshop Competition

    “Hey pal, my farts make me fly.... oh...I’ve shat me sen”
  11. Don’t know many people these days that actually bother with England international friendlies.... watching England is usually dull and disappointing and I’ve seen enough of that this season already!!
  12. Some pillock is taking our photo for more owlstalk readers again
  13. abrodie2002

    Adam Reach

    Reach didn’t have best of games today but has been probably player of season so far for me
  14. abrodie2002

    Keiren Westwood

    Thought he was seeing a specialist and might need surgery?
  15. abrodie2002

    FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Dear Mr Swarbrick... go fu.ck yourself kind regards