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  1. Heard summet

    I’ve heard something related to the OP and it rhymes with bull kite
  2. David Garrido @SkySportsDavid · 3m The #SWFC bench this afternoon is as follows: Wildsmith, Palmer, van Aken, Jones, Lee, Joao, Fletcher.
  3. David Garrido @SkySportsDavid · 32s #SWFC starting XI v Bristol City: Westwood, Hunt, Lees, Loovens, Fox, Wallace, Butterfield, Bannan, Reach, Hooper, Rhodes.
  4. Will Carlos repay Jordan Rhodes?

    So you’re honestly telling me that you’ve never refused to do a job at work you didn’t feel capable of doing at the time? Did your boss sack you for doing it? Did he punish you or still holds a grudge to this day? Get over it
  5. Fernando Forestieri

    PFFT stealing my lineup!
  6. Fernando Forestieri

    Westwood Lees. Loovens. Fox. Matias/ Butterfield/. Bannan. Reach. Hunt. Lee Hooper. Rhodes. Fessi. Subs: Wildsmith, Palmer, Van Aken, Joao, Wallace, (Hunt/Matias), (Butterfield/Lee).
  7. Caption Competition

    Here Vaughny... know anyone who can sort out my teeth?! I look like a Donkey... watch!
  8. Bannan

    Played second half of last season with a foot injury and was requiring regular injections just to play according to his Dad.... think it showed as he seems a lot better this season and lot more confident. Very passionate player but does look frustrated with how we have been playing the ball back and across defence so much
  9. Think he’s just conscious that it’s the international break and needs the donald trump's farts to generate income to pay for server costs
  10. Could you be a linesman?

    15/15 guess that means I can now progress to the next stage and get my Alan Irvine coaching badges
  11. Reach

    Playing well and building confidence but he gets dragged too central at times leaving wingers with too much space to receive the ball and makes it difficult to cut out cross field balls... second half he started to show glimpses of what he’s capable of given more confidence
  12. This is my Club 1867 seat ... it has a plaque!
  13. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    Better here than at the Lane.... be outrage at canabalism otherwise if they eat pork
  14. The momentum is good

    What on earth was that "woosh woosh" at the start?