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Community Answers

  1. Doesn’t look match fit yet for me. Decent player and having him and Byers fighting for that position will hopefully keep performances up
  2. I’ll see you that, and raise you Adriana Lima
  3. He won’t be going anyway… at least not until Xmas
  4. To be fair… the ref gave us a penalty which should have been a free kick on the edge of the box
  5. Wouldn’t know, I’m on the north stand where it’s even worse. Facilities almost same for last 25 years. Sat only had 2 staff on the tills so queues were atrocious! Problem with the north is there isn’t much space on the upper tier to develop it into something like in that video, but it could do with some modernisation to increase turnover. However, I still believe that there must be a reason why this side of the stadium hasn’t been developed and improved and I’d imagine it comes down to the money, like everything else does
  6. Surely if it was that simple it would have already been done, not only at Hillsborough but every stadium across the country?
  7. Agree that the stadium as a whole needs a refresh and modernisation… but unfortunately it’s probably not going to be financially viable at present and probably not Hugh in Chansiri’s list of priorities. Would fully support this sort of improvement though!
  8. Probably got sh8tfaced and that’s where he woke up the next morning
  9. First yellow he left a foot in on the challenge 2nd yellow he brought down their attacker Unfortunately I feel both were yellow card offences and the ref got them right
  10. Was told apparently it was 2 weeks away last week… staff are hoping next week
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