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  1. Not sure how he’ll react to a crowd... not got a good track record with a 12th man apparently.
  2. Heard Monk is a fan... worships the lad apparently
  3. Thought it was quite a soft decision to be fair, but I’ve seen them given against us time and time again!
  4. Strong in the tackle, very solid performance. Always looked to play the ball forward or wide to Harris. Very impressive today by doing all the basic things right
  5. Not a big fan of it but had there been VAR tonight there is no way that would have been given as a penalty and Martin would have seen red for punching out at Moses!
  6. £15m up front and £1m add on for my psychiatrist who will think I’m mad if I tell him this is genuine!
  7. Think he’s taking the wee wee out of Fletcher who always celebrates with the L hand sign! Even in his twitter goal celebration too: https://twitter.com/swfc/status/1173192238832246789?s=20
  8. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/carabao-cup-refunds/ I didn’t have a ticket, but I’d have been happy to let this money go to Bury to help save the club if it made enough of a difference!
  9. Bruce would have already left them to go manage a team in China because “he’s selfish and loves fried rice and his family has always sat around the cabbage patch with chow mein and his father once ordered a tv from there so it’s like he’d be dishonouring his family too much to turn it down”
  10. Club should stand fully behind FF. Take a full on protest stance and refuse to comply with any FA ruling and counter sue the FA. FA have tried to bully teams too many times, they need to learn that they can’t make up sanctions whenever they feel like it without clubs standing strong! He has been found not guilty, end of the matter! Either they don’t agree and appeal in the courts or they respect the courts decision
  11. Please pin! UTO! Good cause & is one of the biggest threats to men’s health
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