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  1. From this distance, most of the hysteria this season seems to stem from United being above us. Matchday has been a flipping cesspit to read through the past few weeks but things like this do nicely to tip the balance back towards sensible again. Well done.
  2. Strewthbury Owl


    I only caught the second half after searching for a stream (why did I give iFollow a decent wedge of cash again?), but that football was lovely stuff. Great link up play from Fletcher and good running from midfield too. No idea why people want Carlos sacked really... *runs away*
  3. Strewthbury Owl


    The entire site is a clusterfuck of UX design, Goody. Try going to the subscription page.
  4. Bracing myself for a 4:45am kickoff. Hoping that we play slightly more open football this time out so I don't fall instantly asleep.
  5. Strewthbury Owl


    Glad it's on a Monday, nice 9pm Sunday kick off in Melbourne!
  6. Strewthbury Owl

    "Official 150th Mural"

    That's fair enough Hoots, but also remember that Wednesday, in the last 15 years or so, have been through 'challenging' times. i wouldn't begrudge someone voting for Semedo or Bullen because in a lot of the fan base's current lifetime, they have been some of the standout players who have gotten us to this point in time. this isn't a collection of players from Sheffield Wednesday's history, it's a collection of Sheffield Wednesday's players 150 years in.
  7. Strewthbury Owl

    Melbourne Owls

    Docklands? I'm sorry to hear that Crafty Squire on Russell St in the CBD
  8. Yeah, The Crafty Squire is a decent place to watch football over here. There's an upstairs area that's good fun too, but some pissed up tart threw a pint glass at a tv during the euros so not sure if it'll be open.
  9. Guess my name wasn't obvious enough :( i usually check www.gameonlivesports.com.au, but Saturday isn't up yet. Best case scenario: James Squires on Russell St Worst case scenario (on many levels): crown casino
  10. Strewthbury Owl

    Owls v Forest live on overseas TV

    http://cricfree.sc/watch/live/sheffield-wed-vs-nottingham-forest-live-streaming seems to be up
  11. Strewthbury Owl

    CRAZY! Football league prices in 1980.

    Well, there was the guy in the coracle fishing balls out of the river to consider.
  12. Strewthbury Owl


    I like them, bit different.
  13. Strewthbury Owl

    Brisbane owls

    That's almost as many hull fans as there are at the stadium!
  14. A pretty nervy first half performance really, but still 0-0, time to grab the game by the jaffas.