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  1. Got to say if today's team had played at Millwall, we would probably be another 3 points away from the relegation zone
  2. Only just found out I will be in Bath tomorrow night, but is touch and go if I will be able to make it due to work commitments. So does anyone know if you can buy tickets on the day
  3. Any idea what the secret prize was from the chairman at the half time draw?
  4. Isn't he on 9 yellows? 1 off a 2 match ban.
  5. Shame about the pies that go with it though
  6. I wonder if Hendersons Relish is available in the away end, if so they must wonder what the hell it is.
  7. I don't know how you could give semedo a 7, he had a shocker. He gave the ball away so many times especially with the first goal
  8. Useless Eustace was the worst manager I have seen
  9. Just moved to elsecar and just wondered if there were many other owls living here
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