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  1. So, I have a ticket for the Luton game on the North........I wonder if I'll be let in?
  2. “Invalid parameter” is the ifollow message for its audio.....talk sport it is then, so much for paying for what we used to get for free
  3. A great shame, been getting membership for as long as I remember, my wife as well. No more! So I'll not attend so many games.
  4. Full of Villa fans and advertised as the nearest "Away Pub". it was last seasons regular for a pre match pint, and always a good mixture of home and away, not today though. hope that comes back in future games.
  5. Thanks, this sounds like the place.....but missing Wembley is a heartbreaker, I've only ever seen us lose at the old Wembley, I think we'll start a new trend at this one.
  6. As it says, any ideas as we are stuck North of the border on Saturday?
  7. last time I tried to take sarnies in to the ground I had to put them in my hat as the stewards who searched me confiscated the clear plastic box they were in, "..it's FA rules" it beggars belief? So went back to Beres in my pocket, nice and warm too....
  8. there can be no argument football is an expensive and probably corrupt rip off, that said I love it. Sadly too many people act like turkeys voting for Xmas. But then again we have a Tory government so no surprise that most football fans could not give a fig about anyone else. I am looking forward to the banners welcoming refugees at Hillsborough, to follow the German fans lead, find it hard to believe it will happen though. Up the Owls.
  9. not sure I want an admirer of Mussolini and of fascism to be our manager however well he could play football.
  10. What puzzles me is why anyone is surprised that Megson's team plays "hoofball" ? One thing is clear tho. this tactic is going to make other teams look like Brazil. Is it too late or too early to do anything about this team and manager? The familiar early season why do I bother feeling creeps up on me... Oh yes I am only going on what others say and RS, I have not been to a game this season, at this rate I might not bother to waste my money. t
  11. JOC no doubt pushing the club's PR message says as much on the OS. After last season I know a lot of fans were very demoralised. This kind of tosh about hard work and mileage really rubs it in. Megson is a bargain basement manager who sees only sweat, and 'british' and effort as the key words in his master plan. I hope he proves me wrong and we cruise up the league
  12. Megson has only one gear, he is either on or off, we need more than that from a manager to get out of the mire.
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