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  1. Not the story I was told by my Dad who happened to be Petes brother. He was obviously faking being that ill he was hospitalised but lets not let that stop a good rumour on the day he died.
  2. Rangers friendly when it was glaringly apparent nothing had changed and the start of his rambling excuses post match.
  3. The problem is if you don’t deal with the issues post match properly it was always going to be a blood bath at this press conference. Not just Carlos the whole club closed ranks and left us the fans without answears. Only fan who got near enough to ask questions was the women on the pitch. I’d have been happy to move on and look forward but I won’t let the club treat me like a fool who will blindly follow no matter what. He deserved a rough ride.
  4. He didn’t feel pain though just annoyance that the press for the first time since he arrived did their job and put him on the ropes. His agenda was move on ‘we only look forward’ he wasn’t feeling our pain. He at least now has an idea of how much it meant to us. Hopefully it works and there is a reaction how much I’m not confident about.
  5. How can you defend the centre when you see Hunt and Reach outside you. CBs were getting drawn all over the shot trying to dig those two out of a hole. The number of times the line was lost by the full back trotting out behind like a summer stroll was shocking. Reach was ripped a new one yesterday he was exposed for what he is a bang average wide player being shoe horned into a left back position. No leader at the back working the team.
  6. I'm 100 miles off the NE of Scotland and just spotted a long eared owl on the ships helideck. If that isn't an omen I don't know what is.
  7. On to my grandsons now its mega important we keep the young ones coming. This Saturday will be the first game my oldest grandson attends since he had a brain tumour removed on the day of the Newcastle game, he has been desperate to get back ever since. Dads an Everton fan but he has always kept up the Owls tradition despite him.
  8. I went for food afterwards at Meadowhall as we came out the whole family were walking towards the Oasis. The kids that were Mascots still had their kits on. I just felt I had I go up and thank Mr Chansiri and spoke to a few of the others who said they'd enjoyed the match and the day, really friendly group of people.
  9. I saw him this morning with the rest of the Rotherham squad at the gym. He looked a bit self conscious but that must have been that horrible red kit he was wearing.
  10. Don't think he's in a position to comment on todays footballers anymore than we are. He was stupid but no excuse for betting on your own team to lose but how players can allegedly do it in todays era of massive wages is beyond belief. I'm the same mate. I know him as a gentleman though, he gave a me a Wednesday shirt as a kid and I can only thank him for getting me on the roller coaster that is Sheffield Wednesday. A with all things Wednesday we always seem to c0ck it all up when we were near the top and this episode is one of many lows in our clubs history. UTO.
  11. Certainly. It did blacken the name of our club and ruin the careers of some high profile players. Would the same punishment be given today I doubt it there were other involved but the high profile ones paid a heavy price. Peter was the one who came back to help the club though when the ban was lifted he could have gone elsewhere but he always loved Wednesday. The club have obviously forgiven him as we saw when he came onto the pitch a few seasons ago. He was given a good reception by the fans as well.
  12. A debate involved reasoned arguments not calling someone a piece of dog poo poo.
  13. Not quite as baffling as stopping a throw in with your hands getting booked for it and then making us take the throw in again. I didn't quite understand that rule.
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