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  1. i'm from not far from yourself ramsey cambridgeshire both me and me father season ticket holders uto !!! :reda:
  2. i'd defo be celebrating by hitting the hard stuff a few pints of full fat milk and becoz i'm hard core id have a motha funking hobnob cos im the shizzle
  3. i'll ava look through my collection what sizes ya after cos i got every shirt from the early-mid 90's ( when i was a kid) right up to now (and over grown southerner) so i'll ava look and see which ones are accepable and if i got doubles i'll make sure i dont send up modern ones cos they'll be able to live in them and move the family in them ones out there :reda:
  4. i just hope we don't leave it too late signing players up and end up with the clinton morrisson situation players taking two months to get match fit.
  5. my dad tells about this match and how the only to see it was to goin the shoreham end cos it was the only tickets left. he remembers the atmospheare being electric but hostlie 2. he was stood near allthe piggy skin heads and wee pipe'eds and when curran scored he didnt dare cheer or even smile.but in the end the piggys where fighting amoung them selfs prove there always been a bunch of brainless wee pipe'eds.
  6. i'm a wednesdayite from peterborough i seen these 2 play a fair few times and wouldnt touch em. welpdale is pants and lee gets too wound up too easy if it don't go his way. we can do better than shittyboroughs cast off's
  7. must be my poo amstrad comp playin up again thn cheers lads
  8. you should try the off peak london travel ticket mate it includes tube and bus travel too usaly alot cheaper way to go tomatches dwn there.
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