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  1. Can’t chansiri buy season tickets for all the home seats for say £2000 a pop then sell them on to fans for £500?
  2. Looks like the guy from reading and chansiri’s brother
  3. Sorry auto spell TUG (Thai union group)
  4. Without sounding daft this could be the moment when TUC and chansiri’s dad become involved. People keep going on about chansiri’s tuna millions but he’s not actually involved with TUC (John west) his businesses are real estate/construction. Has anyone checked whether the two thia blokes in the stands that someone tweeted during the match looks like papa chansiri?
  5. 112 Ten sports on iOS and android app live media player by mdc
  6. Download an app called live media player by MDC. Ten 1 is playing it on there, plus you don't get hit with thousands of Trojan adverts. I use it for boxing, football and f1. Its available on iOS, android, windows and Mac.
  7. As long as it's not to make it sound like an atmosphere that's not there. It helps unify all sides of the stadium sing together if it's used as ambient noise.
  8. Theirs a box for each ID number and the corresponding post code linked to that ID number. Forget about your seetickets account it's not relevant to this event. It's exactly the same process for Glastonbury tickets.
  9. They might be allowed to do it if they used just the camera feed without the sky production and for example use radio Sheffield for commentary. Wasn't it said it costs £1000 to stream a beam back but with both clubs permission?
  10. I modified a Pete McKee pic expanding the window, overlaying the crest and putting the buttons bar at the bottom but I've always thought it was Hirst and Sheridan not sure about the other two tho.
  11. Can it not be saved by pressing and holding the image. The file size may seem low but I've optimised it to be used up to a iPhone 6 Plus screen.
  12. Did this about a year ago for my iPhone. Thought I'd post as it's quite apt with the new badge. If your like me and only have two rows of apps at the top on each page arranged in folders they don't cover the bulk of the background.
  13. Regarding the atmosphere many years ago the kop used to have microphones dangling from the roof and filtered through the speakers in rest of ground (prob without even noticing it) it used to unify the songs so everyone sang together when a chant started up. Maybe an idea to rig this back up?
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